What senator stood up to more than 90 countries, successfully defending U.S. sovereignty before the Supreme Court? Answer.

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The US Report covers politics from Main Street to Washington, with commentary, news, analysis and interviews focusing on what the Blogosphere and public in the U.S.  are talking about. Editorial approach is a conservatarian viewpoint: small central government, adherence to the U.S. Constitution, a strong national defense, and free market principles.

We cover Congress, energy and climate change policy, Health Insurance, Defense, and everything else related to the federal government. We also feature interviews with authors, and in 2011, we began to publish book reviews. We cover entertainment on occasion, and news from think tanks and public interest organizations such as the Tenth Amendment Center. We sometimes do human interest stories on subjects like pet adoption or social work.

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If it moves in the U.S., we may cover it.

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Our contributors come from around the nation, including occasional commentary from writers like Garry Reed, columnist for the Dallas Libertarian Examiner, and essays from grassroots activists like Donna Barrow.

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Members of both houses of Congress, corporate management, owners of Mom and Pop businesses and Main Streeters. IP numbers in our statistics reflect visits from The Dept. of Justice, Homeland Security, the Executive Office of the President, military departments, and a number of other government agencies. Grassroots political group leaders, healthcare management professionals, publishers and media organizations, college students. Occasionally, poets and celebrities. Our readers are primarily US based.

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