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FreedomWorks attacked again amid climate of extremism

The Wall Street Journal said a cyber attack crippled FreedomWorks’ servers on Thursday morning just as a major fundraising campaign was about to get underway.

Nothing should surprise us anymore, I suppose. It’s bad enough the US Dept. of Justice has some attorneys who exempt white people from the Voting Rights Act. But the latest assault on FreedomWorks speaks to a climate of extremism dominant in much of mass media—the poli-class outlets—and  spewing from the mouths of many who hold political office.

FreedomWorks is often associated with the Tea Party movement. It’s a sad day when someone who has served his country as honorably and effectively as FW chairman Dick Armey must deal with that sort of criminal act. Commenters on several newspaper sites suggested the cyber attack probably happened because of the organization’s conservative, small government platform.

In August, FreedomWorks chose to move to a new building for security purposes. Newsmax said ongoing death threats were the reason.

Aside from these developments, one of the most rational Democrats in the nation, Juan Williams, was fired from NPR because he shared personal feelings when he appeared on another network’s program. NPR is perhaps unaware of the contradiction in accepting government money while squelching freedom of speech.

As for the Dept. of Justice fiasco, it took The Washington Post and other left-leaners in poli-class media a very long time to report a story conservative bloggers have written about for two years. The US Report wrote about members of the New Black Panthers' unacceptable conduct at a voting location on Election Day, 2008, and we wrote about it again in May, 2009.

WaPo revealed a remarkably troubling statement from a Justice Dept. attorney, one of several who spoke anonymously because of possible retaliation. The attorney said, "There are career people who feel strongly that it is not the voting section's job to protect white voters."

It’s not hard to tell the reason for the political climate change in America, the move to extremist efforts to silence voices of those who disagree with the status quo. Leftwing extremists at the top of the political class are running the country. Freedom is not a concept these people respect or understand.

Hopefully law enforcement will investigate the cyber attack on FreedomWorks. If not I hope the organization will hire private investigators and I hope whoever did this will be prosecuted.

As for the leftwingers in charge, there’s a simple solution. Turn them all out of office when November 2 rolls around. (Commentary by Kay B. Day/Oct. 23, 2010)

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