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DeMint’s tax war sanity a strength for GOP in 2012

Right now the 24/7 news cycle is feeding on the tax war between Republicans and Democrats in Congress. Progressive Democrats are so upset, at least one has gone off the deep end by allegedly using gutter talk about President Barack Obama. As disagreements progressed about whether the government should be empowered to collect more tax money to spend, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) appeared on the 'CBS Early Show' and his comments restored a note of sanity to the tax war.

Sen. Jim DeMint talked to the CBS Early Show about the tax war. You can watch the video at his Senate website.DeMint is a conservative, so of course the reporter had to get a little jab in, referencing the “ultimatum issued by Republicans.” I suppose I could be appreciative she didn’t continue the “hostage” meme socialist Democrats and prog media are promoting.

That “hostage” political fact is so common I had to ask myself if Journolist is really dead. Probably not.

Anyway, DeMint as usual kept his cool and spoke bluntly. “Our country’s in imminent danger of bankruptcy because of the massive expansion of government and the huge increase in debt over the last few years…What intrigues me most is reform of the tax code—simplification of taxes, elimination of all deductions, lowering the tax rates for individuals and businesses.”

DeMint didn’t have to mention eliminating earmarks—that one’s a given. DeMint is officially committed to that cause.

Most of the hysteria coming from those socialist progs has to do with spending. A tax increase will enable more spending—it’s the crack cocaine of big government addicts. Democrats screaming the loudest will only be content when the hand of government is on everything in our lives—it’s already on your kid’s chocolate chip cookie with the so-called school nutrition bill. Who needs Mom when the government will change the diapers?

DeMint’s right about the tax code. He’s right about the bankruptcy issue too, and even that narrative is being twisted by prog media and politicians.

Prog media is telling the tax war story as a “tax cut” issue. It’s actually a tax hike issue because what the GOP wants is for rates to stay the same while prog Dems want to raise them. Obviously progressive media think we’re stupid.

Avoiding a tax increase has nothing to do with the deficit—spending causes deficits. Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 and they’ve been on a spending binge ever since.

That anger you hear right now comes from the realization that spending binge is going to be curtailed. The GOP should follow DeMint’s lead. He’s the sanest man in Washington right now. Furthermore, DeMint is the most viable presidential candidate the GOP could back for 2012.

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 (Commentary by Kay B. Day/Dec. 10, 2010)


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