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Five big negatives about PPACA/ObamaCare

Please note the update posted 7/3/2012 below this popular article.

Progressives bought into the pitch Democrats used to sell the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare, but as Main Street learns more about what’s actually in the bill most Democrat legislators did not read before signing, those concerns aren’t so easily dismissed.

Five very big negatives are built into the bill President Barack Obama can’t bring himself to part with:

1. The mandate requiring everyone to purchase a health insurance policy. This will present a serious challenge to those who are self-employed. Besides that, it’s unconstitutional—if the bill stands, you can kiss future freedoms goodbye because the government is, in essence, insisting you purchase something that is directly related to your body—your personal, private property. If you don’t buy the policy the government will fine you—after all, the bill is a revenue bill.

2. The ridiculous cap on flexible spending accounts—at present it stands at $2,500 a year. These accounts are held by people who take the most responsibility for their health and budget accordingly. Democrats saw an opportunity for a back door tax and they took it as usual.

3. Forget holding premium costs down and don’t be too sure you’ll be able to keep your current plan. Medicare’s chief actuary told Congress on Wednesday: “The landmark legislation probably won't hold costs down, and it won't let everybody keep their current health insurance if they like it, Chief Actuary Richard Foster told the House Budget Committee. His office is responsible for independent long-range cost estimates.” (The Weekly Standard)

4.  The 1099 requirement—businesses will have to identify companies, contractors or anyone else who has received $600 in payments for goods or services. Even Obama’s said he wants to get rid of this.

5. The government will intrude deeper into the practice of healthcare. This is the most troublesome aspect for me—I think all government healthcare should be zapped. We should take care of those who are truly poor or disabled. But if the private health market expanded rather than contracted and real competition was permitted, we’d all be better off. You would of course need regulatory standards in place.

Democrats rushed to push PPACA through because the party’s socialism-loving faction has pushed for government healthcare for all for years.

Progressives often say everyone “deserves” healthcare.

Obama said healthcare premiums are too high.

Yet progressive energy policy has sent (in accordance with Obama’s wishes) electricity rates “skyrocketing” and food costs have risen.

If I deserve guaranteed healthcare, don’t I deserve guaranteed food, shelter and maybe an annual vacation as well? How about a car? Or a bigger house?

The bill is so bad it’s led to 733 companies, labor unions and others to obtain waivers. The government is challenged to fix social security, Medicare and Medicaid. Yet Dems came up with another entitlement program even as they criticized the Bush administration for a smaller entitlement program. Go figure.

 (Commentary by Kay B. Day/Jan. 27, 2011)

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