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Did DHS official leak information marked ‘For Official Use Only’?

Even more bizarre is the question of whether Texas Gov. Rick Perry was a smear target.

A breaking story at Pajamas Media by Patrick Poole recounts the tale of a “left-leaning media outlet” allegedly contacted by Mohamed Elibiary. Elibiary was appointed to the Dept. of Homeland Security Advisory Council by DHS chief Janet Napolitano.

Said media outlet alleged that Elibiary contacted them and provided intel reports from the Texas Dept. of Public Safety. The reports were marked ‘For Official Use Only.’

The media outlet claimed Elibiary said the reports “showed a pattern of Islamophobia” at Texas DPS.

Texas DPS confirmed for Poole that Elibiary “has accessed DPS documents and downloaded them.”

The media outlet declined to run a story, telling PJM writer Poole there was “nothing remotely resembling Islamophobia” in the reports.

You can read the detailed, complicated account of the allegations about Elibiary at Pajamas Media.

You can read a backgrounder on Elibiary, also written by Poole, at Big Peace. Poole notes that Elibiary praised Sayyid Qutb whom the 9/11 Commission considered an inspiration for al Qaeda and like-minded groups.

Qutb’s book Social Justice in Islam has been translated by different people, and a more recent translation attempts to cast him in a more positive intellectual light. However, it is indisputable that Qutb despised America (American women in particular) and believed that Islam was destined to subject the whole world to Allah. Qutb was also a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in the early 1950s.

There’s a lengthy account of Qutb in Lawrence Wright’s book The Looming Tower. Qutb spent time in America in the 1940s. Some of the passages based on Qutb’s writings led me to believe that much of his angst towards women in my country resulted from the fact he was basically a horny kind of guy and pretty tripped up on guilt about it. That’s often the case with fundamentalists of any creed.

In one review by a student at Southwest Missouri State University [Scroll down the page at that link], an excerpt from the recent translation of Qutb’s book is included:

“In the last two chapters, Qutb, while exhibiting an optimistic attitude regarding the revival of Islam as a socio-politico-economic paradigm, describes the inevitable struggle that is to take place between the Islamic camp and the combined forces of capitalist and communist blocs.”

For comparison on the concept of social justice, a subject dear to liberals’ ever-bleeding hearts, read a brilliant treatise by Michael Novak at The Heritage Foundation. What we currently call social justice has been seriously corrupted if you compare it to the concept Pope Leo XIII wrote about in the encyclical Rerum Novarum in 1891. Note that Novak’s (splendidly brilliant) piece is not lite reading; if you are not a patient scholarly sort you will not make it past the first couple of paragraphs.

As for Poole, he contacted DHS to try to get more information about the alleged leak. Poole raised the issue of whether the alleged attempted leak was done to smear Perry via a familiar meme among liberals—Islamophobia. That may be a reach, but who knows, considering this political climate?

If an official did take sensitive documents to a media outlet, wouldn’t that be considered a crime? Not that federal employees accused of a crime matters to the executive branch at the moment.

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(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Oct. 26, 2011)

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