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Obama’s inner Marxist documented by Occidental college friend

Marxist supporters are nothing new in the U.S. Steve Gadler, a consulting engineer, appeared before the US House Committee on Un-American Activities in October, 1938. Gadler said Communists were active on the University of Minnesota campus through the Marxist Club and other groups. Gadler also said Communists actively directed the Minnesota Farmer Labor Party. [US Library of Congress]John Drew, a professor and writer, wrote a fascinating account of his encounters with President Barack Obama when both men were students at Occidental College in the early 1980s. Drew goes into detail about Obama’s political philosophy based on Marxist principles. Drew recounts a phrase Obama used repeatedly at that time—When the revolution comes…

Some might say the revolution is well on its way if Obama and his progressive Democrats continue to rule the nation.

The difference in the young Obama and the graying Obama is that he appears to be using straight-up politics to achieve his goals in the U.S. rather than the violence many young Marxists believed necessary to realign social and economic classes here.

What’s even more interesting than some of these formative years of Obama’s political philosophy is the media’s lack of interest in Drew’s very specific accounts. CNN and other branded media didn’t come banging on the professor’s door. Conservative media didn't jump on Drew's account either; conservative media still remain clueless when it comes to advancing messaging. The McCain campaign yawned. Actually the McCain campaign was one long yawn now that I think about it.

Other than firsthand accounts like those of Drew, we don’t have a lot of information about the young Obama. For one thing, Occidental has not released any of Obama’s records. What the young adult Obama wrote, how he financed his schooling, what sort of grades he made are anyone’s guess.

Every Republican candidate hoping to challenge Obama in 2012 has been vetted neurotically, to a point where a story about a rock on property leased to one candidate’s relative occupied above the fold headlines for days. Legacy media have repeatedly revisited another GOP candidate’s activities during the 1980s.

When it came to Obama, legacy media vetted the candidate mainly through his own books wherein Obama admitted an attraction for Marxists. That sort of admission was not only convenient, it is the oldest PR trick in the book.

Among other columns, Drew writes for the Orange County Republican Examiner. Drew summarized Obama’s philosophy:

“The Obama I knew was nothing like the life-long, pragmatic centrist that he was pretending to be in the 2008 presidential campaign. When I talked politics with the young Obama, he expressed a profound commitment to bringing about a socialist economic system in the U.S. – completely divorced from the profit motive – which would occur, in his lifetime, through a potentially violent, Communist-style revolution.  In this context, I saw my report on young Obama as a key piece of evidence suggesting a profound continuity in his belief system.”

Obama didn’t change much. I pointed out in 2008 the junior senator’s sponsorship of the Global Poverty Act. What entitlement seekers in the U.S. don’t realize is that this president doesn’t want to just redistribute US wealth here at home—Obama wants to redistribute US wealth around the world.

John McCarthy, a professor emeritus at Stanford University, created an overview of Marxism and other philosophies on his Web page. McCarthy penned a quote I love because it resonates—I remember the starry eyed Marxists of my own youth, most of them well to do kids who in my opinion were seeking raw power if you cut past their rhetoric. McCarthy said, “An excessive knowledge of Marxism is a sign of a misspent youth.”

I remember 1980 because President Ronald Reagan booted Jimmy Carter out of the White House and in the years that followed, my personal economy improved significantly.  We went from the Carter misery index to the Reagan prosperity index.

Hopefully we’ll do the same in the General Election, 2012 when we replace a former community organizer with a leader who, rather than obstructing America’s resources and economy, resets our nation towards a path to the prosperity we are eminently capable of.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Dec. 14, 2011)

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Reader Comments (8)

It is so blazingly obvious that Obama is a Marxist, that you have to go out of your way to avoid seeing it. I am not as shocked by this as I am at the multitudes of main stream media, bureaucrats, Wall Streeters and Democrats in Congress that go along with this massive effort to convert the U.S. to a Marxist state. They have to realize what they are doing, so how did this country become so infested with Communists?

Just knocks me out!
December 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGene Retske
This came out last February. Why is it rehashed now? Wait for closer to November.
December 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHTuttle
I think this should be re-posted EVERY DAY between now and next November. Voters need to be aware what they are voting on.
December 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGene Retske
Rehashed now because Dr. Drew wrote about it recently and Twittered.

Gene, I agree. At first no one paid attention to my articles about the SEALs the government tried to railroad. No one paid attention to the Army captain the government did the same thing to. No one listened when I first wrote about the disastrous ObamaCare (PPACA) bill. I could fill a book with items like these.

I kept repeating the message and finally, people listened. best, KBD
December 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKBD/Ed.
Write a book about this? Now, that may be an idea whose time has come.
December 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGene Retske
Gene, workin' on a politics book now--should be done in Jan. Best! Kay
December 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKBD/Ed.
Thanks for raising the visibility of this story. It looks like things are heating up again. The story finally came to life on the Fox Nation website this week.


For a brief YouTube video featuring my remarks on young Obama's extremist ideology at the San Juan Capistrano Republican Women's Federated Club earlier this year, please see:


Regards, John
December 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJohn C. Drew, Ph.D.
Dr. Drew, thank you so much --I will follow your writing and anytime I can help spread the word, let me know.
December 15, 2011 | Registered CommenterKay B. Day, Editor
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