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Islamist rally calling for Sharia law in U.S. should go forward

A U.S. Muslim group is planning a demonstration featuring controversial British imams who are advocating for the implementation of Sharia law in the United States.

The Islamic Thinker's Society has scheduled the event for March 3 and organizers claim it will be held in front of the White House.

“The event is a rally, a call for the Sharia, a call for the Muslims to rise up and establish the Islamic state in America,” Anjem Choudary – one of the proposed speakers – told the UK's Daily Star.

Choudary's organization, Islam4UK, was banned in 2010 under British counterterrorism laws. Islam4UK is a spinoff of the Islamist group al Muhajiroun, which is an offshoot of Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT), a group seeking to install a global Islamic caliphate. HT also seeks to destroy democracy and states that Sharia has supremacy over the Constitution in the United States.

The Islamic Thinker's Society is the U.S. counterpart of al Muhajiroun.

Choudary has expressed support for Osama bin Laden, praised suicide bombers, such as the “magnificent 19” 9/11 hijackers, and has called for the execution of Pope Benedict XVII. Fellow speaker Abu Izzadeen was just released from a three-year sentence in British prison following a conviction for inciting terrorism.

Choudary said he expects “thousands” of supporters to attend the event, but the event could prove to be nothing more than a move to incite both support from the Muslim community as well as provoking anti-Muslim sentiment, which Choudary and his associates would use to their advantage. It is unclear at this time whether Choudary and his fellow speakers will even be able to enter the country.

Rather than barring the rally, perhaps the best course of action would be to allow the event to proceed as a televised debate, allowing American citizens to see what Choudary and his Islamist associates have in mind for our country.

Hearing a group advocating for an Islamic state where Allah's law reigns supreme would do far more to preserve our Constitution and way of life than would a ban on the rally. It would also serve as an excellent opportunity to move beyond the talking points and to begin a national discussion on Sharia law.

After a bill barring foreign – and therefore Sharia – law was introduced in South Carolina's state legislature, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) attempted to portray the bill as fear-mongering and Islamophobia: “No judge is going to say, well, this happens in Uzbekistan,” said Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR's spokesman. “It's just not going to happen.”

Really? Considering there are numerous Islamic groups now openly advocating for Sharia law's supremacy over our Constitution, is it possible CAIR may simply be covering for anti-American Islamists like Choudary?

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 (Commentary by Chris Carter/Feb. 22, 2011)

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Reader Comments (1)

This is great!! Just like the union protestors in Wisconsin. The 'in your face' arrogance gives us more reasons to fault their crazy ideology.
February 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterChallenger
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