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‘Terrorists’ want feds to cut spending, balance budget

Sen. Al Franken's placard omitted a necessary comma.Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) turned to drama to get his point across in the debt debate. On Wednesday, Franken brought visual aids to the floor for his speech.

One placard read, “Welcome [sic] Terrorists.” No one cared that technically, without the comma, the placard made little sense. Socialists and their fellow progressives were just happy to see another insult leveled at those in Congress who have read the writing on the fiscal wall and know something must be done.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Fla.), who also heads up the Democratic National Committee, can also be counted on for unrestrained language, otherwise known as shooting her mouth off.

Once again Schultz got her parties confused.

The DNC chair accused the House GOP of “dictatorship” and suggested FisCons might “spark panic and chaos.”

The only party favoring dictatorship is that of Schultz. From the bank-breaking Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) passed by trickery to the more than $800 billion spent on a failed Stimulus, Democrats once again proved they are a party of ideas built on the wealth of others.

PPACA, commonly called ObamaCare,  is already eating into the federal budget, with more than $700 million committed to contractors and consultants.

Why does the government need contractors and consultants? Somebody has to figure out the intricacies of a bill that ran thousands of pages, a bill most Democrats who signed it admitted not reading. During a townhall about the bill with her constituents, Schultz made it clear she did not understand significant parts of the bill such as the unconstitutional mandate requiring every American to purchase an insurance policy.

As Schultz and Franken indulged in theatrics, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) once again took the opportunity to call FisCons “extremists.” That is a mark of the need for Reid to retire. He directly contributed to the debt and his party policy directly contributed to the economic meltdown. He was willing to spend but he is not willing to bite any bullets in order to prevent the eventual catastrophe that will ensue if an inexperienced president continues to enjoy a blank check fiscal policy.

That policy was endorsed by Democrats who gained control of the US Congress in November, 2006. For the following years, until November, 2010, Dems had absolute control of Washington. Somehow in all the giddiness they forgot to do a budget. But they kept on spending.

In the last week, one Democrat in the House, Rep. Hansen Clarke (D-Mich.) made a rambling speech about US consumer debt, apparently misunderstanding the problem at hand. He took a pair of scissors and began to cut up what appeared to be credit cards, and he chastised Americans for buying things.

In a completely unnoticed favor to Clarke, WJBK Fox (Detroit) said Clarke became “animated.” What Clarke appeared to be to a sane person was unbalanced. As I watched him rant, I wondered if he forgot to take some sort of medication. I certainly would not want him for my congressman.

Instead of Democrats calling fellow Americans “terrorists” and dictators, they should work on reaching across the aisle because that’s what they always expect Republicans to do. Much of the fiscal problem we have right now is linked in one way or another to socialist progressive policy, but there is not a Democrat (or for that matter, a legacy media outlet) that will admit that.

Furthermore, for a senator to publicly ascribe the term ‘terrorist’ to the only people in Congress who are admitting the real problem in hopes of solving it, well, that says it all about the character of Democrats elected by gullible voters.

I’d caution those who follow politics to bear in mind legacy media, mostly top long term media brands, embrace a socialist progressive agenda. In every story about the debt  major media gives short shrift to FisCons and tons of ink to DimDems. There’s another side to the story, a big side, that Democrats aren’t sharing.

Republicans brought a viable bill to the House and passed it. As most know, a bill can be amended. Bills are discussed.

Yet Reid refused to allow any of that. The Senate tabled that bill and progressives fell into the arms of legacy media, shouting words like ‘terrorist’ and scaring seniors for political gain. President Barack Obama has, off the cuff, declared to basically veto any bill Republicans bring him unless he gets another tax hike. Obama is perhaps motivated by the successful tax  hikes his party worked into ObamaCare.

If I wanted to call Reid or Shultz or Franken a derogatory term, I’d probably go with socialist weasels.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/July 27, 2011)

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