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GOP women to host first US Senate debate for Florida

(Left to right) Former state Rep. Adam Hasner, former US Sen. George LeMieux, Rep. Connie Mack and Col. Mike McCallister have confirmed participation in the US Senatorial Debate in Tallahassee.(Photo used with permission, FFRW)


Ed. Note, Feb. 1, 2012: Adam Hasner will not participate in the Senate debate; he suspended his run for the Senate to run for the US House in District 22.


(Tallahassee) The Florida Federation of Republican Women will host the first Florida U.S. Senatorial debate of 2012 in Tallahassee on February 19, 2012, at the Hotel Duval. The event will also be the first to feature the four most viable candidates in the race at the same event.

Confirmed candidates are: Former Florida State Representative Adam Hasner; Former US Senator George LeMieux; US Rep. Connie Mack and Col. Mike McCallister.

Cindy Graves, president of the FFRW, said:

"Our debate will not be like the debates we've come to know in recent years, rather recreated as an in-depth job interview of four realistically potential winners against Bill Nelson [D]  for Florida's most significant federal job. While some voters may have enjoyed the combative nature and sound bites of the recent presidential debates, our leaders often found the format to be a distraction from the issues. As committed grassroots leaders we have no need to be entertained. We prefer to be informed."

The Format 

The event will be presented as a forum with each candidate having an exclusive audience with 150 members and guests of the federation, and will reconvene for closing remarks.

"The FFRW's goal is to seriously evaluate these candidates in an environment which mirrors the critical nature of the race and the challenges ahead for America. As very early grassroots supporters of US Senator Marco Rubio, we will once again focus on the issues challenging Florida families from the unbalanced federal budget and debt crisis to foreign and domestic policy," said Graves.

The debate will launch the 62nd Annual Board of Directors Meeting of the FFRW, traditionally held in Tallahassee each year. The experience is open to the media as space allows and a limited number of tickets will also be sold to Republican activists. The bulk of the audience, however, will comprise  statewide women grassroots leaders who make up the FFRW Board of Directors from 50 counties.

How to Participate

For event tickets, please visit the Florida Federation of Republican Women.

For media credentials,  please contact: kim.carrol (at) earthlink.net.

(Filed Jan. 30, 2012—Florida Federation of Republican Women News)

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Reader Comments (2)

This "debate" is a joke. Two of the five original "viable" candidates have dropped out of the u.s. Senate race since they were unelectable. The one woman in the race is not allowed to participate because she is too conservative for these liberal women. MARIELENA STUART is the one conservative in the race and her appearances throughout Florida are incredible. Check out YOU TUBE for her speech from conservatives United in Orlando. www.stuart2012.com.
February 3, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterjohnny
Johnny, I appreciate your weighing in and thanks for telling us about your candidate. Best, KBD
February 4, 2012 | Registered CommenterKay B. Day, Editor
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