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Election 2012: Resources and links for informed voters

Page updated January 6, 2012

Where do you go for information you can trust when it comes to candidates? There's no one place but there are many sites I rely on as well as print materials. This page will be an ongoing project because I routinely discover new resources when I write my daily columns here at The US Report and for my national conservative column at Examiner.com.

Do you have a favorite resource? If you'd like to share it, please use the 'contact' link at the top of this page.

Be sure to visit pages here at TUSR; we have extensive coverage on the 2012 General Election and past elections as well.

Print Sources

Print publication of one of nation's most widely available magazines; slant is moderate conservative. Fair coverage of liberals included.

Human Events
One of the oldest conservative publications, this tabloid includes commentary from well-known pundits.

The Wall Street Journal
If you want to stay abreast of financial information, both domestic and overseas, and stay on top of how government policy affects the market, this is the place to go. You can subscribe to the online or print versions; I read both.

The Libertarian magazine always has interesting articles about all facets of government and appears to have a penchant for environmental coverage. Sometimes in line with conservatism; at other times in line with classic liberalism as well as neo-liberal ideology. A mixed bag but a magazine I look forward to getting.

Web Resources

Top source

Club for Growth White Papers on presidential candidates
The Club for Growth assesses candidates from a standpoint of taxes, policy impact on the private markets and trade and government and tax reform. The White Papers are among the most objective and well-sourced resources available.

Additional Sources

Real Clear Politics
News and poll averages about elections and primaries past and present.

2012 Election Central
Expansive site with primary dates, candidate information and analytical articles.

Senate Conservatives Fund
Sen. Jim DeMint (S.C.) started this fund and it has played a key role in getting conservatives elected.

US Library of Congress
Look up legislation via Thomas; find cartoons and commentary about past elections in the digital files. A one-stop multi-source site. Includes digital files in the public domain that bloggers can use, but always check reproduction rights first.

The Heritage Foundation
Conservative think tank featuring experts on myriad topics.

Cato Institute
Libertarian think tank featuring experts on numerous topics.

Tax Foundation
Best site for objective information about tax policy and impact.

Mercatus Center
George Mason University think tank focused primarily on free markets and economics.


Red State
This blog has a finger on the pulse of conservative politics. You can opt in for a daily briefing by email.

Ace of Spades
Quirky, maddening and often outrageous, but guaranteed to inform and to entertain.

Moe Lane
Lane also blogs at Red State as a front pager; his personal blog is very engaging and also features commentary about gaming.

Unlikely Voter/Neil Stevens
Stevens is the pollmeister at Red State; he also writes at his own blog. He was arguably the only pundit to call Iowa results correctly before the Caucuses. He is also a very nice guy; I met him at the Red State Gathering in Charleston in 2011.

Sites by The US Report contributors

The Victory Institute
TUSR associate editor Chris Carter's site with comprehensive information about the military, foreign policy and national security.

Legacy Media

Fox News


Message Boards/Forums

Free Republic
Comprehensive sharing site for all things political; not for the faint of heart. Represents true cross-section of conservative population from far right to right of center.

Informative and topical, this site is a great gathering place for members and supporters of the military as well as military families.

Pages about individual candidates

Rick Santorum
A compilation of Santorum's actual votes while he was in Congress. By Erick Erickson at Red State.

Newt Gingrich: 1995-96 government shutdown
A fairly objective account that contradicts revisionist history. The Democrat in the White House manipulated media and politics to the disadvantage of the GOP. Pages at University of California, Berkeley on fiscal politics and government.


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