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Juvie Joe gets his game on, makes history for snarky 

Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan met Vice President Joe Biden in Kentucky for what at times felt like a hoedown. For anyone above the Mason-Dixon line, that is a redneck gathering and I have enjoyed more than one.

I'd call the debate a match although Ryan deserves a medal for engaging a politico who acted like a child in a format that seemed to be no format at all for anyone but Ryan.

Biden said quite a few things that should be assailed by fact checkers of all ilk--starting with his fiction about Libya. Biden's claims contradicted testimony given before Congress yesterday on Wednesday.

Biden did make history in a way. He snarked, he smirked, he twisted and sneered. He did everything short of standing on his head. Biden's behavior constituted conduct unbecoming his office.

The moderator Martha Raddatz was putty in his hands. I expected her to pull out her Democrat Party card any minute. She interrupted Ryan as much as Biden did. Ryan did wise up eventually and get a bit more aggressive.

Many conservatives expected problems for Raddatz who conducted the debate like an interview, injecting herself at times as a quasi-ally of Biden.

Fox News reported Biden spoke for 41:50 minutes and Ryan talked for 40:05. Obama also spoke longer during the first presidential debate.

Apparently Democrats only like the concept of "fair share" when they're spending your money.

Ryan's closing statement was stronger.

I wish Ryan had read my final column today, though. Republican budgets didn't cause less staffing in Libya. Obama's policy did. Employees for hardship posts are in short supply. Hiring levels at the State Dept. have always been above attrition.

The report I reviewed disclosed how Obama directly affected staffing levels at embassies:

For example, positions were added in Brazil and China in response to presidential directives to expand consular capacity in those countries. According to State officials, the department has also created positions to address emerging diplomatic priorities, such as climate change and global health.

Ryan also got the only laugh of the night and most importantly, he behaved like a gentleman.

Biden behaved like a juvenile. If a Republican vice president had acted as Biden did during the vice presidential debate, media would have shredded him.

Any politics observer knew Biden was attempting to be aggressive. However, Biden lacks the grace and intellect to pull it off.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Oct. 12, 2012)

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