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Despite binders, Big Bird and a loser named Julia, Romney atop Electoral College

Screen snip: Real Clear PoliticsPresident Barack Obama’s campaign adopted an attack strategy as soon as the Republican nominee Gov. Mitt Romney was official.

The strategy has gone through some interesting phases that included a bird, an imaginary government dependent and (most incredibly) a binder.

There was the loser named Julia who chose to rely on the government throughout her life, even having a child without consulting a partner.

The most comical tactic was the Big Bird operation—the richest bird in America, Democrats appeared to believe, needed help from the U.S. taxpayer. Do yourself a favor—head to the nearest toy store and check out the Big Bird franchise. I can promise you this one percenter bird does not need our help to thrive.

Recently a new front opened—the binder war. Romney, like myriad others who find themselves in need of talented staff, had a binder with resumes of potential hires. The horror!

As all these operations unfolded, the Obama camp launched an attack on Gov. Romney because he earned a lot of money. Dem surrogates and even a Dem-sympathetic 60 Minutes interviewer couched what Romney paid in taxes as a percentage, not just of his income, but of investments as well. Romney handed the U.S. Government well more than $2,000,000 by my best estimates. Sounds a lot bigger than the percentage doesn’t it?

When more than $2 million from one taxpayer isn’t enough for the tax man, you need to take a very hard look at the tax man.

Double irony existed in the fact our president is not a poor man. In addition to Obama’s salary, book royalties and investment income, he enjoys unreported income most of us would love to have. I wrote this after reading the book Presidential Perks Gone Royal (Robert Keith Gray):

[I]t cost U.S. taxpayers approximately $1.4 billion to “house and serve the Obamas in the White House, along with their families, friends and visiting campaign contributors.” That cost is a baseline, by the way—the actual cost is certainly more.

When Obama exits the Oval Office, he will go on to hefty speaking fees, more publishing deals and quite possibly a post at the United Nations. After all, the UN has had no better supporter than Obama and the Democrats.

Meanwhile Obama's “investments in Chinese companies” and his pension will grow fatter.

Furthermore, I'd bet you good money Obama took every deduction and credit the IRS permitted on his last return. Perhaps the Left doesn't realize they can enact their own voluntary tax hike by simply paying taxes on their gross income. So easy even a donkey could do it.

And Obama’s hitting Romney on wealth? Please.

Bear in mind, I have no complaints about the president’s wealth. This is America.

Despite attacks that would fell a lesser candidate, Romney first pulled alongside the president and then inched ahead.

Now Romney is surging and for the first time, the governor is ahead in Electoral College votes.

Attacks will certainly escalate. Obama will go for the throat in the final debate. Hopefully Romney won't have to debate the moderator, centralized media and the president on Monday.

Democrat power brokers won’t give up their goals without a final assault. Be warned if you are a Romney supporter like me.

 (Commentary by Kay B. Day/Oct. 18, 2012)

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