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Ohio officials try to squelch free speech; Romney supporter wins

No Republican is surprised when Democrats try to squelch free speech.  From the Fairness Doctrine to Dems branding tea party supporters as “extremists,” stamping out those who disagree is a leftwing tradition.

In Franklin, Ohio, officials tried to squelch messaging from a supporter of Republican nominee Gov. Mitt Romney, but they failed.

The Columbus Dispatch told the story of retired carpenter Richard Justman who had parked two vehicles, one a truck, with Romney signs near a Franklin County voting center.

The vehicles were parked legally. Fellow Republicans stood alongside Justman; a couple tables were also set up.

Still, elections board officials called the cops.

Justman called his attorney [yes, we do have some very good attorneys in our camp].

Turns out Justman was exercising his right to free speech in a perfectly legal manner, and he won the battle.

Here’s the bigger rub noted by the newspaper:

Democrats have parked in the same spots while handing out campaign literature outside the early-voting center, located in a former Kohl's store at 1700 Morse Rd.

Ohio is a swing state, and state polls currently have Romney and President Barack Obama in a virtual tie.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Oct. 23, 2012)

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