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Republican women prep for virtual coffee meetup during Mrs. Romney’s GMA visit

Photo of the Romneys from Romney CampaignRepublican women are preparing to join Mrs. Ann Romney on Wednesday, October 10, for what amounts to a virtual coffee meetup.  Mrs. Romney will co-host Good Morning, America with former Democrat politico and current ABC network pundit George Stephanopoulos.

Cindy Graves, talk radio host and president of the Florida Federation of Republican Women, will be following the program. Graves will tweet her observations along with other members.

Republican women will take to other social media like Facebook to share posts.

Here at The US Report, I will be blogging Mrs. Romney’s visit and I’ll also be on Twitter and Facebook.

Mrs. Romney received a ruthless vetting early in the campaign season in sharp contrast to the treatment rendered First Lady Michelle Obama when she was first introduced to Americans—other than those who knew her in Chicago—in 2008.

Mrs. Obama has made childhood weight the central issue in her efforts as First Lady, and her policy has affected the lunch tray of every child in America. Ironically, President Barack Obama's appointee for Surgeon General is not a small woman.

Weight standards in the U.S., commonly called the BMI, originated in research done by a long dead statistician, a Belgian, who wanted to come up with a standard for “Average Man.” You probably won’t find a physician in the country familiar with that research. Many cultures have attempted to create a genetic ideal and the outcomes have not been positive—quite the opposite.

It’s interesting to note the government has been trying to “thin” Americans since 1946 when President Harry S. Truman, a Democrat, teamed up with former President Herbert Hoover, a Republican, in an effort to feed “starving nations abroad.” One tactic was to “thin the American diet.” Not much changes for Democrats.

Mrs. Romney will come up with her own agenda if her husband, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, wins the presidency in November.

If you’d like to follow Tweets from Republican women, here are a few suggestions:

  • @FloridaGOPWomen
  • @ABO2012DCR
  • @cindygravesFL

Follow me @TheUSReport.

We guarantee a good time at our first mega-klatch on Wednesday morning when Mrs. Romney brings class and style to the GMA set.

I confess the only reason I could bring myself to tune into GMA is my support for Mrs. Romney and her husband. I hope to see them both in the White House after November.

Fox News said Mrs. Romney’s visit begins at 8 a.m.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Oct. 9, 2012)

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