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Election celebration: Cornucopia of errors from Petraeus to myriad regulations

Majority "Leader" Harry Reid, Democrat from Nevada, made quite a few stump speeches from the Senate floor during the campaign. (Screen snip: C-Span)Democrats are still celebrating the fact President Barack Obama got to keep his job for four more years. As the end of the year approaches, many political observers are keenly aware of the shortcomings and failures of the Obama administration.

You might see Obama’s team that way as well, but I have to admit the Left is awesomely superior to the Right in one regard—media.

From alphabet media who send local celebs into your homes with the evening wrapup to countless activists who birddog message boards, the Left has an infrastructure that gives Democrats an edge on messaging every issue.

Just imagine how nice it is for a candidate when the chief of CBS shows up at your fundraiser.

Meanwhile, as big government fans cheer the prospect of even more big government, key members  of his team are telling Obama adios. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton is bidding Obama farewell, possibly because she doesn’t want to derail her prospects for 2016 as the chaos of Benghazi comes home to roost.

Obama’s said to be considering Susan Rice as Clinton’s successor. That would, in my opinion, prove we don’t need a secretary of  state because after Rice’s performance as UN ambassador, she shouldn’t even have a job. But this is the federal government and Americans did reelect her boss.

Headlines about Gen. David Petraeus’ love life are splattered across websites and newspapers—the CIA is likely having an agency-wide freakout right about now. Personally, I thought Petraeus was not a good choice for that position, but what do I know? You'd have to be politico-smart to understand all the reasons Obama selected him.

Democrats appear unfazed, however. In the last 3 months, bureaucrats have published approximately 6,000 new regulations. Take a look at settlement agreements related to the Clean Air Act Citizen Suit. I’d be willing to bet at least half our “citizens” couldn’t even translate the government jargon that will end up costing all us “citizens” something.  Oh, well, the trial lawyers are happy—there’s that.

Meanwhile, nobody really knows exactly what happened in Benghazi, although it’s a for sure Obama wasn’t on top of the war he decided to begin without chatting up Congress.

We still don’t know where all the Fast and Furious guns went and we still don’t know exactly who benefited stateside from all those guns that sailed across the border as federal agencies twiddled their collective thumbs.

We’re already witnessing a cornucopia of errors, a demonstration of complete ineptitude in this country’s leadership.

We may have one thing to look forward to, however. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, cranky old pasty guy from Nevada, will likely stop giving hysterical stump speeches about fellow Mormons from the Senate floor. At least Reid will quit until one of those big bad tea party types makes him angry again.

Hopefully, next time Obama heads to visit with a late night comic, the president will at least be able to give an estimate of the deficit he’s helped create with an enthusiasm he will apply to four more years of government spending.

We also have the full implementation of the ObamaCare Tax Bill to look forward to. That one is going to be a cornucopia of confusion the likes of which most of us have only seen in the Post Office and IRS.

Celebrate if you can. I guarantee you the revelry won’t last four more years, even if Democrat-allied media continue to tell you this president is "scandal free."

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Nov. 13, 2012)


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