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War scribe Yon shares letter from soldier about wars ignored by media and politicos 

Marine Corps Maj. Isaiah Martinez directs Marine Corps Capt. Wynndee Young to assault the enemy after receiving direct fire during a foot patrol exercise on Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field Bogue, N.C., Oct. 18, 2012. The Marines are preparing for an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan.( Photo: Sgt. Bobby J. Yarbrough, U.S. Army; caption U.S. Army)Michael Yon is probably the most recognized war correspondent outside the milblogging community. Yon shared a letter from a U.S. Marine who served in Afghanistan. For many reasons, the letter touched me. I’ve heard from a number of men who served in these wars; some people very dear to me have served in these wars.

Not for the first time have the soldiers been forgotten. Very little information about the wars attracts coverage. Once you look at numbers, some surprises arise.

For instance, since Democrats like to categorize people primarily by race, what race has experienced the most war deaths?

The letter Yon shared on his Facebook fan page with permission from the author included the following:

 I am very concerned that we're reaching a point where many people like me are seriously questioning why they would risk everything in defense of a country that they no longer recognize and in service to an administration that will sacrifice American lives and careers for politics without batting an eye. But of course I can't really write about that until I retire next year.

Maybe I'm being overly dramatic, but the debacle in [Afghanistan], 10 years of General and Flag officers failing to lead us, sequestration, the discussions about significantly scaling back retirement benefits for military members and the significant decrease in funding available for training, leads me to believe that we are facing a perfect storm that will decimate morale and will cause a massive exodus of the good people from military service.

The U.S. just came through a volatile election, but troop deaths and war policy were given little attention. The Democrats’ media complex worked overtime during the presidency of George W. Bush, a Republican, to call attention to troop casualties, drone strikes, interrogation techniques and everything else related to war.

Once President Barack Obama took office, that vast Democrat media complex which includes the alphabet networks many of you welcome into your homes daily went oddly quiet.

No one talked about the increase in casualties in Afghanistan under Obama. However you crunch the numbers, we lost far more soldiers in one Obama term than in two Bush terms.

No media have given the military vote much attention either. There is no perfect system for enabling soldiers to vote during times of war, but there’s a need for a better system than we have at present.

Nor have media given attention to the sizable increase in drone strikes—these have been expanded under Obama as well. It will come as no surprise to the president’s critics there’s a coverup in progress.

How many revenge deaths among our troops has this drone policy inspired? No “reporter” bothers to ask.

Consider this reportage by ProPublica—certainly not a site associated with any conservative ideology—demonstrating the lack of information about Obama’s policy:

As we’ve noted, in the entire Bush administration, there were 44 strikes. In the Obama administration through Aug. 12, 2011, there were 222.

For certain periods of time, the Obama administration claimed no civilian casualties. Even ProPublica couldn’t figure the numbers out, but remarks from one of the president’s men explained it:

Since the various administration statements over the years were almost all quoted anonymously, it’s impossible to go back to the officials in question to ask them about contradictions.

Asked about the apparent contradictions, National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor told ProPublica: “[W]e simply do not comment on alleged drone strikes.”

It’s not hard for me to understand the sentiments expressed by the Marine to Yon. Others, however, took a dim view.

On Yon’s page, readers weighed in. Some were very critical of the Marine. Others took potshots at President George W. Bush for starting two wars without plans to pay for them. Those same critics of Bush overlooked Obama’s Libya war—BP was a major beneficiary, by the way—engaged without approval of Congress or a line item in a budget that doesn't even exist.

After Obama took office, he modified the Rules of Engagement for the U.S. military. That is but one factor in troop deaths in a war media have ignored to benefit the president most media advocated for reelection.

There’s another little known fact no one ever mentions. Recall during the election how the Left demonized Republicans as “cranky old white men”? There’s no basis for that, of course. If ever there was a pasty old white man who is cranky, that would be the Democrat leader in the Senate, Harry Reid.

What race experienced the most deaths among U.S. troops in Afghanistan? According to PBS:

Department of Defense data also shows the majority of Americans killed were white men. Most were active-duty soldiers, as opposed to reservists, and between 25 and 30 years old.

By the way, welcome to the United States of Hyphenated America.

 (Commentary by Kay B. Day/Nov. 15, 2012)

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