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Benghazi shuffle: Five things Obama and his media won’t talk about

Map of Libya: U.S. Government funded by taxpayersWith Gen. David Petraeus basically falling on his sword for leaders who come up short on ethics, information about the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi continues to shuffle from bureaucrat to bureaucrat. The truth lies somewhere in the bowels of Washington, but Americans are unlikely to learn all the facts.

After all, President Barack Obama is famous for trampling transparency. As Reason magazine noted in the December print issue, Obama’s team in one year issued 466,872 FOIA denials—“an increase of 66 percent over Bush’s last year in office.”

Obama also fought the release of White House visitor logs—it’s none of your business whom the president lets in.

There are 5 things about Benghazi that Obama and his media groupies won’t talk about [boldface added]:

  • The Obama team knew what was happening—if they didn’t, they weren’t paying attention. We know there was an unmanned drone over the consulate as the attack progressed. Recall something a newspaper disclosed last year: “Unnamed U.S. officials told the Los Angeles Times last year that “they are confident they know who has been killed because they watch each strike on video and gather intelligence in the aftermath, observing funerals for the dead and eavesdropping on conversations about the strikes.”
  • Obama and his insiders blamed a filmmaker’s amateur spoof of a Muslim prophet for the attack and other Mideast protests. What no “reporter” brings up at the fan club type pressers the White House press groupies participate in are the drone strikes. Obama seriously ramped those strikes up. In 8 years of Bush, there were 44 drone strikes. Under Obama from 2009-August 2011, there were 222 and rising. [ProPublica] In villages hit by the strikes, anger built. In my opinion, that’s the underlying basis for a lot of the anger although you can whip up an Islamist crowd in minutes by telling them a prophet has been insulted. Free speech is an unknown in countries where Sharia is the basis for law. Now that Sharia principle is being applied to the U.S. by Obama. Sound radical? Truth often does.
  • On insulting the prophet, there’s an underlying issue for Americans. In our country we can pretty much say what we please, whether it’s about Christianity, Judaism or Wicca. Obama doesn’t agree with that. Obama bowed to Islamists, submitting the American people to Islamic law. Obama’s Dept. of Justice was only too glad to find a way to charge an amateur filmmaker and lock him up. Numerous academics and media personalities agreed with the president’s anti-Constitutional  position. Bottom line: Be careful what you say about any facet of Islam—this DOJ will find a way to lock you up if you anger them. Welcome to the Soviet Republic of the U.S., by the way.
  • Media and Obama pounded President George W. Bush for starting a war in Iraq, a war Congress agreed to, based on numerous intel reports and newspaper accounts. Remember Obama wrote an editorial for The NY Times—he said, “I believed it was a grave mistake to allow ourselves to be distracted from the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban by invading a country that posed no imminent threat…” Not a single reporter has drilled down on this president to ask him what the real reasons for invading Libya were. Who benefited? None other than BP, the corporation whose oil spill gave Obama a reason to “shut down the Gulf in a single day.” Those jobs, by the way, won’t be back anytime soon. China and Brazil are laughing all the way to the rigs.
  •  Caught up in his campaign for reelection, Obama paid Libya little attention. Despite the fact he chose to engage in war without consulting Congress, Obama’s team left the Consulate in Benghazi very vulnerable, as evidenced by 4 dead Americans. Former bin Laden unit chief for the CIA Michael Scheuer summed it up well: “Democrats are good at watching Americans die.”

Bottom line: Libya posed no threat to the U.S. If Obama was a Republican, media would’ve fed him into a political wood chipper. Democrats, however, get a routine pass from the media they control.

(Commentary/Analysis by Kay B. Day/Nov. 16, 2012)

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