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Obama’s giveaways not the problem—GOP failed opportunity for truth

Did President Barack Obama win reelection because of giveaways? Republican nominee Gov. Mitt Romney brought that up after losing.

It doesn’t matter whether Obama did or didn’t use giveaways. I personally believe Obama used every taxpayer resource available for his campaign when he could—from niche messaging on government websites to amnesty for a specific group of illegal aliens after Democrats broke their promise to reform immigration.

What was missing? How do you counter giveaways?

A common sense Republican response. That would’ve involved simply telling people the truth.

Obama may give you a phone. Look how easy Dems made it for you to get a subprime loan to buy an overvalued home—you’d probably be dead before you had any equity in many of those homes because the loan package often carried an adjustable rate on the mortgage. It would be half a lifetime before those homes accrued any equity because for years, payments would only apply to interest, not principal.

The president and his fellow Democrats diluted welfare to work requirements and requirements for food stamps. Democrats succeeded in pushing through their longtime goal of socializing American healthcare.

Here’s the deal. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a single mom with 5 kids by different fathers or an unattached academic whose brain is permanently locked in Left gear. NFL great? CEO? Retail clerk?

Whoever you are, Democrats always take more than they give.

We will all pay even higher prices for electricity.

We will all pay even higher prices for food and goods.

Our home values will not return anytime soon.

Our income and other taxes have gone up and yes, Leftwingers, those taxes will affect you as well. Read the ObamaCare Tax bill.

Within a few years of the full implementation of the ObamaCare Tax Bill—the president wasn’t crazy enough to have the bill fully implemented ahead of running for reelection—it will take longer to get an appointment for a doctor. A government committee will determine what treatments will be eligible for pay. It is likely we will need to import more doctors from abroad. It is also likely we will begin to see rationing because that is a given when you extend coverage to everyone whether everyone shares the cost or not.

Those freebie contraceptives? Well, ladies, you'll pay for them two times over because your premiums will go up.

Obama and Democrats may indeed give you things. But what they take back exceeds anything you currently enjoy.

Think I’m wrong? Don’t badmouth a Muslim prophet publicly. You may end up in jail just like a certain filmmaker blamed for everything that happened in the Mideast on Sept. 11. The government needed a scapegoat. Did you think you’d be told the truth—that drone strikes have sparked widespread anger in Islamist countries?

This administration trampled your right to freedom of speech. If you’re ignorant, that’s of no concern to you. However, anyone with a minimally functional IQ knows exactly what these Democrats did by subordinating America to Islamist radicals.

That was the message missing in the Republicans’ single track campaign. Whatever Obama and the Democrats gave, they will take more in return. That’s how big government works.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Nov. 19, 2012)

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