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Local CBS affiliate notices Obama spending as he begins second term

The local CBS affiliate in Jacksonville has noticed President Barack Obama’s spending.

Throughout the long campaign that saw President Barack Obama end up with a second term, local TV networks dished up pabulum about the Democrat.

On the evening news, there was the president—with the First Lady, reassuring those impacted by Sandy, making another campaign speech that included no specifics other than the fact he’s targeting households and proprietorships making more than $250,000 a year with a tax hike. Obama has been obsessive about that hike.

I never saw a snip about numerous political scandals like Fast and Furious, increased troop casualties, the significant attack on Camp Bastion Sept. 14 or the misinformation about terrorists’ lethal attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi on Sept. 11. The lies that came out of Washington after the Benghazi attack are worthy of a prize-winning novelist.

Nor did any media make much of the fact Obama was clueless about the amount of the federal deficit he’s been more than happy to contribute to. In September, during another visit to a pop culture show, Obama couldn’t tell comic David Letterman how much the deficit was. If Obama was a Republican, we’d still be talking about that one.

CBS, like other alphabet TV networks, has largely given Obama and his fellow Democrats a very benign pass.

Therefore, when the CBS affiliate here blurbed the fact Obama is spending $115 million for his inaugural party on January 21—that’s taxpayer money, by the way—I was shocked. Presidents routinely spend this type of money on a gala to reward themselves and their supporters and groupies. Taxpayer money shouldn’t be used whether a Dem or Republican is in the White House.

During the news segment on Tuesday—I normally don’t even watch the 11 o’clock news, but I was admittedly curious to see what was coming—Clay County Republican chair Leslie Dougher called attention to federal spending. A resident—Woman on the Street sort of thing—the station interviewed said, “I think he [Obama] needs to be more frugal with our money.”

That’s a new concept for the political class and its media component.

The inauguration is a small blip among huge debts Obama’s current and future plans will rack up. Among those expenses is more than $100 billion to replace “revenue”—the politicos' word for taxes—to pay for the ObamaCare Tax Bill. Obama lost that when he gave big labor a multi-year waiver for taxes on Cadillac plans. Obama lost more tax revenue when Dems and Republicans came together to repeal a 1099 provision. Ah, well, the cripple tax will still pay off as seniors cover that every time they need a wheelchair or other targeted medical device.

Even as Obama rains money on his inauguration and spares no expenses for himself or his family or political cronies in the alt-energy sector, he’s demanding a tax hike from upper middle class couples earning more than $250,000 a year.

The president and his fellow Dems who touted the American Dream on the stump aim to zap it now that you've reelected them. There’s a story for you.

Most evening newscasts should include a disclosure their news has a Democrat slant. Networks have the right to say what they want to (as long as they don’t “insult” any facet of Islam), but they should at least be honest about their political slant.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Nov. 21, 2012)

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