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After passing 20 new taxes, will Democrats hike income tax rates in back room deal?

In a new report, Dr. Tom Coburn, U.S. senator from Oklahoma, found almost $70 billion in potential savings. (Photo: Coburn Senate website)There was virtually no transparency in the passing of the ObamaCare Tax Bill, with Democrats opting to put a new federal program in place that will create unprecedented debt. The bill is so obscure and so deceptively written that President Barack Obama’s administration ended up giving labor unions a waiver for a tax that would have affected those unions’ health insurance plans.

Will Republicans cave to Democrats who are now lining up a deal for income tax hikes?

Within ObamaCare there are approximately 20 new taxes, some affecting the middle class. For example, the tax on medical devices will ultimately be passed along to consumers and patients who need wheelchairs.

Democrats are reportedly working on another back room deal. Not a single “reporter” asked Obama or other Democrat candidates for specifics about new tax hikes the president is so eager to levy.

Obviously, there is a lack of ability within Congress and the Oval Office to do what small businesses and households do every day—stick to a budget and spend less than you take in.

Although the presidential election was certainly no landslide, the Obama team has touted his reelection as a “mandate” to raise taxes on upper middle class earners, households making $250,000 a year. As The US Report pointed out in an earlier column, those households usually have two or more workers.

Obama simply hasn’t the will to cut spending. Every policy he and his fellow Democrats support is based on a European welfare state model. Truth is, some Republicans don’t aim to cut spending either.

As Obama touted his “cuts” on the campaign trail, those who knew the truth were amazed that not one “reporter” asked Obama to explain his claims. After all, spending is still set to increase, not decline, and Senate Democrats have refused to do a budget for years. That makes it convenient to deceive Americans as to who is spending what.

In the long run, spending still increases regardless of the campaign messaging the president adopted for his reelection.

The U.S. Government has a serious accountability problem, as most fiscal conservatives know. For instance, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) prepares a yearly report detailing wasted money. This year, Coburn said, “DOD can save $67.9 billion over ten years by making specific cuts to...'non-defense' defense spending.”

Over the years, government spending has bordered on criminal. The government even spent money on an aspect of Facebook—a $315,000 study on the game FarmVille.

Coburn pinpointed $9 trillion in potential savings in an earlier report, Back in Black.

In July, 2010, the Government Accountability Office found accountability lacking in more than $127 billion in Recovery Funds.

GAO found in 2011, “Federal agencies reported an estimated $125.4 billion in improper payments for fiscal year 2010." You might as well just light a bonfire worth more than $100 billion.

Big government supporters often cite surveys that show people agree that the wealthy should be taxed more although upper income earners already pay the majority of income taxes. It’s easy to guess what most people would say, however, if you asked whether they want to pay more in taxes.

Taxes are a not-in-my-backyard issue—fine to hike taxes for someone else, but not for me.

The close election of 2012 wasn’t a mandate. Republicans who still control the House shouldn’t view it as one. The only hope for a debt-laden government is real government reform. Thus far, at the executive level and in the U.S. Senate, there is no indication that government reform is on the agenda.

Unfortunately, Republican messaging has failed to counter Democrats’ media complex on taxes, spending and other issues. That is a major reason Democrats managed to retain their hold on the Senate and the Oval Office.

One figure that would be useful as "fiscal cliff" talks ensue is how much of each taxpayer dollar is lost to fraud.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said in a statement, “A ‘balanced’ approach isn’t balanced if it means we increase the amount of money coming into the coffers of government, but we don’t cut spending and address entitlements at the same time.”

It’s likely Democrats have no intention of doing either. Even as Democrats call for tax hikes on the upper middle class and the wealthy, the party is planning a $115 million inauguration gala.

(Commentary  by Kay B. Day/Nov. 26, 2012)

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