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Anti-gun position no surprise—Costas’ politics a matter of record

Costas delivered an anti-gun sermon on Sunday, missing the boat on the real issue. (Screen snip: Real Clear Politics)My home experienced a collective meltdown while watching football on Sunday when media personality Bob Costas launched into a sermon about guns.

Like many of his neoliberal consorts, Costas is anti-gun. Costas also did what neoliberals love to do when they have your ear—he politicized a human tragedy.

Like many neoliberals, Costas also missed the real factor in the tragedy.

This talking head has a record when it comes to politicizing things, a mix of propaganda and hypocrisy.

The New York Post put the latest National Football League tragedy in perspective:

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker and former Long Island high-school star Jovan Belcher was allegedly battling football-related head injuries and booze, painkiller and domestic problems when he snapped and murdered his girlfriend before killing himself in front of two coaches Saturday.

The coaches didn’t witness Belcher killing the mother of his child, however. The Post also reported:

Cops today revealed that Belcher shot Perkins nine times before committing suicide with a different gun. His mother witnessed the slaying; she had been in town to help Perkins with the new baby, sources have said.

In a highly inappropriate polemic on Sunday, Costas claimed Belcher and his girlfriend would be alive today if the football player hadn’t had a gun.

A case might be made that without head injuries, booze and painkillers, as well as an obviously deeply troubled relationship with his mate, the two would be alive today. That escaped Costas—no surprise there. Neolibs often come to errant conclusions based on their world view rather than a view based on personal freedoms.

We have an option, you know. We can just turn the TV off when one of these Leftists decides to lecture us. As a matter of fact, if conservatives and libertarians undertook a week-long boycott of sponsors and alphabet TV networks, we might be surprised at the response. After all, the Left routinely uses boycotts to accomplish their anti-freedom goals.

Costas has made controversial statements before. In 2007, here’s what he said about President George W. Bush:

I think it is now overwhelmingly evident, if you're honest about it, even if you're a conservative Republican, if you're honest about it, this is a failed administration. And no honest conservative would say that George W. Bush was among the 500 most qualified people to be President of the United States.

The same of course should be said about President Barack Obama. The difference is that alphabet TV networks who worked tirelessly and shilled breathlessly to get Democrats reelected will never tell you this is a failed administration.

Not that you need propagandists like Costas to tell you this administration's policies are anti-middleclass. Simply check your bank account and your home value. Take a look at your electric bill or the price of groceries. Get your used car repaired (thanks, Cash for Clunkers, for the upcharges). Just wait until you feel the full impact of the ObamaCare Tax Bill. All of that can be laid at the feet of the Euro-style socialist approach the contemporary Democrat party exudes.

Aside from Costas’ hypocrisy, it seems to me the decent thing to do would be to offer Belcher and Kasandra Perkins’ family our sympathy. The child they had together will now grow up without Mom or Dad; media report the 3-month-old will be raised by Belcher’s mother.

What kind of individual would stoop so low as to politicize the deaths of two young people? Actually, far more than Costas. The media personality’s sermon is typical of the propaganda that many big media and branded stars routinely deliver to your home.

Without that propaganda, Obama would not have taken a second term. Next time you try to stretch those badgered dollars in your wallet, remember that. And turn the TV off just for spite.

Why do we let the enemy into our homes?

There's a real underlying issue in this murder-suicide, however, and I'm betting no legacy media will breathe a word about it.

Costas might have been more effective had he simply spoken about the Ten Commandments, specifically, Thou shalt not kill.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Dec. 3, 2012)

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Reader Comments (3)

Though I didn't hear Mr. Costa making his comment on this tragic matter (I don't care to listen anything he has to say) I'm not, however, surprised at all about what he said. He is, and has always been, a self-righteous and conceited talking-head neoliberal; and that's what neoliberal media and its well-paid parrots do--they wait for a propicious time (however tragic) to further their liberal agenda.

December 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCharles R Marquette

I'm pretty sure these propagandists have no shame. Thx. for weighing in. best, KBD

December 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKay B. Day/Ed.

Absolutely, they have no shame. In fact, I'd go further to speculate that deep down they might be (in some sick and twisted way) glad that tragedy involving gun(s) took place so they'd feel justified to push their gun control agenda. And you're right in your article. That tragedy didn't happen because of gun(s), it did happen because that young man had serious personal issues, and he would have killed his girlfriend and himself by many others available means in the absense of a gun.

You're very welcome.

December 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCharles R Marquette
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