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Big donor meeting ignored by media—joke is on Democrat supporters

The Democracy Alliance held its winter meeting recently. The group has a major impact on Democrat policies because of the millions of dollars donors provide for furthering a neoliberal agenda. (Map: CIA World Fact Book)The Democracy Alliance held a winter meeting the last week in November, but unlike Republican donors’ meetings, this gathering was ignored by media. The DA self-describes on the group’s paper thin website as “progressive investors/donors and movement leaders committed to a stronger democracy and more progressive America. “

There’s not even a contact phone number on the website.

The DA website does list bios on the leadership. Among the leaders listed is Michael Vachon, described as “George Soros’ political director.”

Some of the leaders have ties to U.S. media—this surprises no one, but it’s worth a mention.

A former U.S. Commerce chief from President Bill Clinton’s administration is also listed. One of the most influential leaders is international president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the group whose membership is heavily influenced by government employees who aren’t teachers. At present, the SEIU has tremendous influence over Obama and the Dem-led Senate.

Have you ever listened to a blue collar Democrat tell you how his party is for the little guy while Republicans are only for the rich? That sentiment was widespread during the 2012 election as Dems, with much help from allied media, launched a smear campaign against GOP nominee Gov. Mitt Romney.

The Democracy Alliance admittedly isn’t for everybody. The organization  will only admit members under one circumstance. You have to be invited.

Legacy media would report a backyard barbecue if a wealthy Republican donor attended. There would likely be a Democrat plant slithering around the gathering, similar to the man who recorded Romney’s remarks at a private fundraiser in Florida.

Dems control their big money events far more rigidly. No leaks came from their winter meeting.

The joke’s on those blue collar workers who believe Democrats have the little guy’s best interests at heart. Political parties are reliant on rich donors and so far, the Dems appear to outnumber the GOP in that regard despite claims to the contrary.

Breitbart said the meeting was held in Washington, one block from the White House. That seemed appropriate, considering the fact that this group is a major influencer on Democrats' policies. In other words, these are the people currently running our country. Too bad they're not eager to share their plans with the little guy.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Dec. 4, 2012)

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