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Allred’s Limbaugh folly and past victim deliver opportunity for conservatives 

Gloria Allred never ceases to entertain as she pursues opportunity like a raptor in search of prey. Her specialty is trotting out an alleged victim for self-advancement (for both Allred and the alleged victim). Now she wants conservative talk-meister Rush Limbaugh to be prosecuted because of questions he asked about political activist Sandra Fluke.

In commentary on Thursday, Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly traced the evolution of Fluke.

Bill O'Reilly alleged Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) staged a mock hearing about the contraceptive diktat, and included Sandra Fluke in the festivities. (Screen snip from Breitbart.com video)Fluke headed a ‘reproductive justice’ group. She doesn’t appear to be a member of the media, but O’Reilly said another group, The Feminist Majority Foundation, “arranged” for Fluke to “appear at a press conference criticizing the Catholic bishops for objecting to President Obama’s contraception mandate.”

A Democrat in Congress asked Fluke to testify before the House Oversight Committee. Republican Rep Darrell Issa (Calif.) had the good sense to turn the law student/activist down. O’Reilly said Fluke went to the hearing anyway and complained to ABC News about being turned down.

Democrats are known for theatrics, and Fluke ended up being part of a mock hearing staged by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.)—this led to Limbaugh as target for Allred.

Unwittingly Allred is providing conservatives an opportunity.

 The United States limits government’s intrusion on freedom of speech. Although it is likely Allred is lusting for civil action, the implications of her “hitting him [Limbaugh] economically” go far beyond the Florida statute Allred seeks to exploit. Note in the article Politico published there is no mention of Fluke's formal political activities and background.

Democrats are no fans of the First Amendment.  Aspirations to revive the Fairness Doctrine, and actions such as President Barack Obama’s ‘Something Fishy’ assault and his Dept. of Homeland Security ‘Blogger Snoop’ initiative indicate the Leftist Party would happily trample freedom of expression in an effort to maintain control and power.

Will we soon have a "speech police" bill introduced by the Left? Imagine all the leftwingers we'd have to prosecute for vile posts on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

The trampling of First Amendment limitations on government regarding religion is well documented. Obama and his Democrats had no right whatsoever to issue a diktat to any credible faith to provide substances that church deems unacceptable in their doctrine.

Any dispute over contraceptives is proper for dialog between the Church and her adherents. The moment the government intrudes into that conversation is a moment in infamy, for it expands the possibility of absolute tyranny.

As Allred once again places herself in the limelight, another question comes to mind. Whatever happened to her past victim, Nicky Diaz Santillan, who was an instrument politicos successfully wielded in order to get a Democrat in the governor’s seat in California? Santillan broke the law.

CNN reported what Santillan did to her former employer, the Republican running for governor:

“Whitman campaign lawyer Tom Hiltchak told reporters that, when hired in 2000, Santillan gave Whitman false documentation, including IRS forms, a Social Security card, a California drivers license, and Department of Justice immigration forms in which the stated she was a lawful alien.

 When Santillan told Whitman in 2009 that the documents were false and she was illegal, Whitman ‘immediately suspended and then terminated’ Santillan's employment, according to the campaign.”

Did Santillan receive refunds on tax returns she filed based on her false documents? That is a direct fraud upon those who pay income taxes. Where is Santillan now? Was she deported? Did she make restitution to the taxpayers?

Like other Allred victims, Santillan faded into the sunset after Democrats achieved their objective. Media, long ago committing self-castration to please the Left, hasn’t thought to follow up.

Americans deserve answers. After all, Democrats injected Santillan into the public arena.

It’s my opinion the Fluke controversy has been deliberately expanded in part to silence Limbaugh’s voice.

It’s also my opinion that when the statute Allred dug up was written, a single woman admitting to ongoing sexual activity outside marriage would have been implicated as something worse than a “slut.”

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/March 10, 2012)

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