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Big media FAIL: Pelosi’s Fluke fluke

Sandra Fluke was introduced by Pelosi as a "passionate leader for young women, and all women" at the hearing Democrats held.(Screen Snip/C-Span video)The Left went big time crazy when conservative king of satire Rush Limbaugh posed a question asking if Sandra Fluke was a slut (since she wanted public funding for her birth control) and if that made him a pimp (since taxpayers would pay for the funding).

The door to controversy was actually blasted open by Democrats in the House.

The issue of course wasn’t birth control, but whether the federal government could mandate that churches cover birth control expenses for employees when said birth control contradicted the doctrine the church had practiced for centuries.

The answer to that mandate, by the way, is ‘no.’ If you believe otherwise, you haven’t properly comprehended the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Anyway, Democrat strategists and our president saw opportunity—President Barack Obama even phoned Ms. Fluke to comfort her.

Fluke had been turned down by Republicans holding a committee hearing (House Oversight) on the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. Yes, I’m shouting. Fluke had no expertise or direct interest in the topic at hand. A video she apparently helped out with is part of the documentation appended to that hearing record, however.

Not to be outdone, Rep. Nancy Pelosi gathered up the Dems for a Dem Steering Committee hearing on women's health featuring a single witness.

Pelosi, by the way, erred or fabricated depending on your world view. Pelosi said no women testified at the GOP hearing. Women did testify, but facts never did get in Pelosi’s way. After all, she pumped a healthcare revenue bill she didn’t read and nor did the rest of the Dem cheerleaders who sailed it into passage with a lot of hot air and side door procedural maneuvers.

Remember how Democrats and their allies in media portrayed Fluke as just a simple student trying to have her voice heard?

Here’s how Pelosi introduced her straw girl (boldface added):

“Sandra is a bold and passionate leader for young women, and all women, at Georgetown and across the country. She understands that this issue that we’re discussing is a matter of women’s health, plain and simple. She has stood on the frontlines of this debate at Georgetown University Law, dedicated her time and energy to the battle against other issues: human trafficking and domestic violence, and served as the President and Secretary of the Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice. Sandra will continue to serve women and our committees as a leader in the field of public interest law.

Obviously a star was born, spawned by none other than Pelosi. Fluke injected herself directly into a controversy largely created by her fellow Democrats who held a hearing that actually had nothing to do with the hearing the GOP held.

As Gov. Sarah Palin, former Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice and numerous other Republican women will attest, you put yourself into the public eye, you might get your feelings hurt.

Had Big Media covered this properly, you’d have been told all this. Instead, BM jumped aboard the ‘War on Women’ bandwagon and promptly blew a wheel.

And by the way, if Pelosi really cared about those young girls she schmoozed, she probably should’ve mentioned barrier methods. Oral contraceptives don’t do a thing for a serious health problem—STDs.

Somebody ought to tell Gloria Allred maybe she doesn’t want to go fishing on the Fluke fluke.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/March 13, 2012)

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