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Okay, media, Dems and opportunists hold circus after death of teen

It’s bad enough that the New Black Panther Party is being quoted by newspapers as though they have some kind of credibility. Most newspapers swing left, so maybe that shouldn’t shock you, but even the Southern Poverty Law Center pegged NBPP as a hate group. The NBPP is seeking vigilante justice for the death of Trayvon Martin.  NBPP is not happy with Florida’s governor or the special prosecutor assigned to the case.

Circus Act I

NBPP is quoted in NY Daily News:

“They…said Angela Corley, the newly appointed special prosecutor, was an enemy of the black community.”

[What’s worse, ‘Corley’ is guilty of] “sending innocent young black men and women to prison.”

If journalists still were required to have brains, whoever wrote the NYDN story would’ve at least checked the spelling—it’s ‘Angela Corey’ not ‘Corley.’

And having witnessed Corey and her team in action, I can say skin color is the last thing on their minds when they prosecute a case. You can take my word on that one.

The NYDN journalist should face the harsh truth about our justice system. Corey doesn’t “send” anyone to jail—the jury does. Corey and her attorneys present the evidence and the jury decides who’s guilty and who isn’t.

Circus Act II

Bad blood. That’s what’s left over between Jacksonville’s former state attorney and Corey. The former SA fired her. She decided to run for the office and won. In a landslide.

The local daily also quoted another attorney who criticized Corey. I should mention the attorney doing the critting is a former state legislator who was a Democrat. The paper didn't find that fact important enough to include. Furthermore, the former state legislator doesn't appear to understand the legislature makes the laws. Florida doesn't let state prosecutors pass legislation and our governor hasn't pulled an Obama to circumvent the legislature by fiat.

Recently, an alternative weekly in the area criticized Corey for sending violent criminals to jail. They did the critting right after admitting crime is down, a claim supported by Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford.

Goes to show you it really is hard to make a leftwinger happy, Your Honor.

Circus Act III

The Smoking Gun reported Trayvon Martin’s mother “filed two applications to secure trademarks containing her late son’s name, records show”—trademarks include “I am Trayvon” and “Justice for Trayvon.”

Meanwhile, a ‘cracka’ t-shirt bearing the shooter George Zimmerman’s photo has already hit the market although there’s no indication that t-shirt was a family enterprise.

Zimmerman is reportedly in hiding.

Act III left me speechless.

Circus Act IV

As the investigation continues, with involvement by the Florida Law Enforcement Department, new facts are coming to light. As a seasoned media observer, I have to say there has been an orchestrated campaign for undetermined motives aside from the motive of ensuring said investigation takes place.

Meanwhile, teens die in all colors, shapes and sizes on America’s streets at the hands of their own race and the hands of others. It might make sense to devote some energy to addressing that issue.


This video contrasts the original Black Panther Party with the very different, unassociated NBPP. It’s worth a watch. Note what Bobby Seale talks about when it comes to the electorate and working to change laws. There’s a lesson there regardless of your political affiliation.

We can see November from the Big Top.

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(Commentary by Kay B. Day/March 26, 2012)

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