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What UCMJ rule did Koran disposers break?

View of surrounding farmlands from within the caves at the ‘Large Buddha’ in Bamyan. The caves were once inhabited by Buddhist monks who left behind a legacy of religious frescoes and paintings, partially destroyed by the fundamentalist Taliban. (Photo and caption The CIA World Factbook)The US Report’s associate editor Chris Carter has been following political developments related to  allegedly desecrated Korans allegedly disposed of by US troops in Afghanistan. Note the ‘allegedly’ is necessary for legal purposes.

Sky News and other media reported that detainees at a US-run prison were passing messages to each other via the Korans.  I don’t know about Islam, but if a Christian did that with a holy Bible, that would be considered disrespectful. As a matter of fact, I was taught you couldn’t even place a book or anything atop a Bible.

President Barack Obama has struggled to deal with this matter, considering troop deaths have increased on his watch, and he began handling it by apologizing. He claimed that calmed things down and then more soldiers were shot by the Afghans we are training.

Carter wrote an article for The Victory Institute, and he puts forth a question other media haven’t asked:

“Perhaps we will discover what exactly the soldiers did that was wrong since I have yet to see an explanation. I doubt offending Muslims violates the UCMJ.”

The Uniform Code of Military Justice is the US legal standard applied to troop conduct. Contrary to some early musings, it appears no one is so politically correct they’d try to put our troops before some sort of Sharia law board.

Of course Afghan trouble-mongers will simply continue to use the incident to fire up locals who are easily suckered in by fundamentalist rhetoric.

One question we might ask—did US taxpayer dollars pay for the books?

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how this proceeds, and perhaps we should ask ourselves the proper protocol for destroying holy books that an enemy has used in a most unholy manner.

I recall the Taliban had no problem destroying religious icons important to other faiths and cultures.

CBS reported clerics in Afghanistan are not satisfied with Obama's apology. Carter predicted that reaction in his first article about this incident.

Read Carter’s column at The Victory Institute. Read Carter's most recent column about the Koran burning at The US Report.

(Filed by Kay B. Day/March 3, 2012)

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