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Media alarmed at possible voter fraud in Russia, but not in U.S.

Some days you just have to laugh to keep from going nuts. Above the fold right now on many traditional media sites as well as new media like Drudge are articles about possible voter fraud in Russia.

The Associated Press distributed a lengthy article about Vladimir Putin’s return to the presidency of Russia, his third term in that office. New Media Journal has that online.

Reuters did the same.

Media, however, routinely dismiss allegations of voter fraud in the U.S. It took Andrew Breitbart’s determination to expose organizations like ACORN.  Making ACORN’s transgressions even more outrageous—the organization benefited from US taxpayer dollars. Leftists still refuse to admit the scandal.

Despite claims to the contrary, numerous cases of voter fraud occur in the U.S. if you count cases at the state and local levels rather than just the federal level.

Senators like Florida’s Bill Nelson turn a blind eye to problems that could compromise US elections. As a matter of fact, Nelson lobbied for the Dept. of Justice to look into changes in his home state’s voting laws.

Media might want to turn attention to the U.S. Putin isn’t the only politician whose ascendancy is questionable.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/March 5, 2012)

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