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Why would you divert potential Medicare revenue?

I have to hand it to President Barack Obama. He never ceases to amaze me.

The Chicago Tribune highlighted a thought Obama expressed aboard Air Force One on Tuesday. Obama's looking for ways to keep interest rates low on student loans.

He said he's reviewing possibilities for closing a tax loophole for small businesses:

"The loophole allows some shareholder-employees of so-called "S corporations" to avoid paying the Medicare payroll tax on their earnings."

It's bad enough to close a tax loophole for any small business in today's economy.

It's worse to consider diverting revenue from that closure to any program other than Medicare, since that's the issue the loophole was relevant to in the first place.

How many warnings do our president and his fellow Democrats need before Medicare becomes a virtual Ground Zero?

The only solution I've seen the administration offer consists of cuts to Medicare Advantage. I know some seniors who pay for this coverage. None of them are wealthy. Democrats often give people the idea MA benefits the well-heeled. That isn't true.

Medicare Advantage benefits hard working people who are willing to sacrifice some comforts to get the coverage that's right for them.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Apr. 24, 2012)


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