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Tea partiers vindicated by federal government’s excesses

President Barack Obama promised to fix the economy in every campaign speech he made in 2008. 'Hope and change' evaporated. (Screen snip The US Report)“It’s clear that there is no path to compromise that goes through the tea party. We urge Speaker Boehner to push ahead without them. We are ready to work with him if he is willing to buck the extreme element of his party.”—Sen. Chuck Schumer  to Associated Press, March, 2011

From the moment the grassroots tea party movement began to sweep the nation, tea partiers were maligned, defamed and attacked by most of media who advocate for the Left and by many politicians, mostly Democrats.

Those who formed local groups had some things in common. They wanted a smaller, more efficient government. They did not want tax increases. In general, they wanted a lesser role in their daily lives for the federal government. These aspirations were refueled on multiple occasions, including the government’s takeover of healthcare via a backdoor bill most Democrats admitted they didn’t even read.

Rarely have we witnessed such excesses and scandals in our government.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act put the federal government in charge of healthcare and created a new police power—IRS health cops to make sure every American obeyed the diktat to purchase a health insurance policy.

Despite a pledge to drain the swamp as Rep. Nancy Pelosi promised in November 2006 when Dems took control of the legislative branch, the federal swamp remains murky and fecund as ever. You could fill a book with excesses. Among the Democrat-associated scandals:

  • The Dept. of Justice’s scandals including Fast and Furious and a refusal to protect the rights of all American citizens demonstrated by a free pass given to New Black Panther Party members who showed up at a precinct with weapons in hand in 2008 on Election Day. NBPP recently put a bounty on a man's head. Not a single federal official addressed the threat of violence.
  • Democrats’ ongoing anti-voter-ID campaign despite the fact that, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, based on numbers from the Pew Hispanic Center, we still have 12 million illegal aliens in our country.  Simply put, Democrats do not want anyone to have to prove their identity to vote even though we routinely do it to purchase alcohol, get a driver’s license or a mortgage, etc.
  • President Barack Obama’s anti-jobs Dept. of Labor’s efforts to force Boeing to produce planes in a union state rather than a non-union state—DOL also tried to enact radical regulations that would have affected U.S. farmers.
  • The Secret Service hooker scandal. Colombia’s ambassador to the U.S. is demanding an apology for the debauchery that happened in his country.
  • The ridiculous cost of living, with current and future increases in electricity that are a result of Obama’s energy policy and decisions on drilling in the Gulf. Toss in runaway gas prices. Politicians, including Obama, have had years to do something to prevent this and none of them have. We blamed President George W. Bush for high gas prices and we owe Obama equal treatment.
  • The U.S. Senate, led by Majority Leader Harry Reid, has not passed a budget in more than 1,000 days. Even the often sympathetic to Dems website PolitiFact had to admit that’s true although they did provide some cover for the party most common media support.
  • The mortgage meltdown—Dems played a sizable role in the meltdown that began when Schumer leaked a letter about IndyMac before the 2008 election. Homes are still underwater and the economic wizardry Obama repeatedly promised before he was elected has yet to manifest. Our president continues to blame Bush 43 for almost every challenge Democrats have failed to meet.
  • Corruption—Jon Corzine (still allegedly raising money for Obama although he claims he can’t find more than 1 billion dollars of his clients’ money); Solyndra, a crony alt-energy company that burned through $528 million of taxpayer money we will never ever get back.

Almost daily we see evidence our government has grown so large that it represents a danger to our freedoms and our rights to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” Almost daily we see federal workers or politicos get away with actions that would land most of us in court or in prison.

The tea partiers are vindicated by the government that continues to assail them.

Under Bush 43, anti-war protesters and illegal alien advocates marched and directed a smear campaign against his administration routinely.

I never heard Bush assail anyone and I never heard him assign blame to his predecessor although he certainly had multiple grounds to do so.

(Analysis by Kay B. Day/April 27, 2012)

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