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Democrats’ concern about Colorado another panic indicator

Democrats in Colorado are pushing for every voter, including those on inactive/and failed-to-vote lists, to receive a mailed ballot for the General Election on Nov. 6.

The Denver Post explained how Colorado saw an increase in registered Democrat voters of 186,000 ahead of the 2008 election. Strange thing is, by the time 2010 rolled around and canned hope had gone flat, “of voters from all parties registered in 2008, nearly one-third did not cast ballots in the midterm election two years later.”

Colorado law requires that any voter who doesn’t vote in a general election and doesn’t return a couple post cards from the elections office be placed on the “inactive list.” That voter can, however, go cast a vote at his precinct location.

Colorado’s not the only state Dems are concerned about.

In Florida, a U.S. senator who is a Democrat, Bill Nelson, actually asked the U.S. Dept. of Justice to investigate changes in procedures the state legislature made. One example of the changes: reducing the number of weeks for early voting, but permitting local officials to lengthen the hours.

Despite the ongoing benefits conferred by government-allied media, the people are restless. Skin color becomes a no-brainer when you’re paying outrageous prices to fill your gas tank, getting utility bills that total about what your first mortgage used to, paying higher prices for health insurance and paying record prices for food.

The Left also experienced a temporary setback with the splintering of ACORN, the community organizing group that was so instrumental to Democrats’ vote gathering. Democrats’ fondness for quid pro quo certainly commands loyalty, so there will still be an awesome get-out-the-vote effort.

Thing is, a lot of those registered voters may not show up in November and Democrats know it. Is the Left in panic mode?


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(Commentary by Kay B. Day/April 8, 2012)

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