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ObamaCare states' rights issues ignored as Christie vetoes health exchanges

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) has vetoed state legislation to establish health care exchanges mandated by ObamaCare, formally the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act but better termed the “Health Tax Act.”

Christie told New Jersey Today:

“I am concerned that a hastily created exchange in New Jersey will impose unnecessary obligations upon the State’s taxpayers.”

That’s the point—taxes. ObamaCare will also dilute care for the majority of us and at the same time, drive up our premiums.

Senators like Florida’s Bill Nelson (D) told constituents we’d be able to keep the policies we have. That is a lie, unintentional or not. [See articles linked in 'Followup' below.]

Public companies are at the moment calculating the increased profits in paying a penalty rather than providing workers with insurance. That is a no brainer, by the way. ObamaCare is an outright gift to big corporations.

Christie isn’t alone in his concerns, although the federal government’s treatment of states differs.

For instance, The US Report noted this on May 4, a report completely ignored by President Barack Obama’s allies in media:

“US taxpayers will cough up more than $1 billion for the deal President Barack Obama agreed to with fellow Democrat Gov. John Kitzhaber of Oregon. Kitzhaber swung the deal because like most other states his own can’t afford ObamaCare. And that $1 billion is just for starters. Kitzhaber called it a ‘sweet moment.’”

Kitzhaber’s response is sort of like the way a bank robber feels when he gets away with the loot. Oregon already got a U.S. taxpayer bailout for a bill that isn't even fully implemented yet. "Sweet moment" indeed.

Iowa has an ObamaCare dilemma too. The state Legislature there just passed a law that potentially conflicts with federal law. The Des Moines Register said:

“The required licensure of new public advisors to help Iowans and employers compare health insurance options is a backdoor way to give an unfair advantage to insurance agents or brokers and is likely illegal, health advocates said today.”

Obama continues to spend money on his European-style takeover of healthcare. The U.S. government has already committed more than $700 million to pay for contractors to, you guessed it, help people figure out how to stay legal with their insurance policies.

I read the healthcare bill most Democrats passed without reading. If you think those who don’t buy insurance are the only people who will cough up money, better get a reality check. You will be fined if your policy does not comply with federal law and right now, there’s a lot of wiggle room in the requirements. That’s the point—repeat the word “revenue” five times and acknowledge that’s just a Democrat term for “taxes.”

Don’t even get me started on all the health cops IRS will hire to make sure accountable Americans pay the penalty for noncompliance. That’s not a conspiracy theory, that is in the bill. IRS is getting 16,500 newbies to help keep you straight where the taxes are concerned.

ObamaCare wasn’t passed to make our healthcare “more affordable” or better. It was passed to accommodate government cronies and social justice wonks whose deeds never accomplish the justice they tout.

Here’s one example among many detailed by Peter Schwiezer in his book Throw Them All Out.

Congressman Jared Polis (D-Colo.) sat on several influential committees, including House Rules and Education and Labor’s subcommittee on Healthy Families and Communities. Polis shilled big time for ObamaCare and helped push through provisions that ultimately were put in the final bill. As he was telling his constituents how great that bill was, he was, said Schweizer, “buying millions of dollars worth of a private company called BridgeHealth International.”

What is BHI? “A leading health care strategic consultancy.”

Polis wasn’t alone. While Democrats were putting together the health tax bill that will ultimately tank our healthcare and plunge our budget even deeper into the red, many of them were making money on the bill they didn’t care to read. Even a few Republicans, despite voting against the bill, were smart enough to select a few profitable investments. You really should read Schweizer’s book, by the way.

The labor unions that lobbied for the bill are among the top recipients of federal waivers to comply with the bill.

As the U.S. Supreme Court considers the constitutionality of a ripoff bill, Americans should be praying that common sense and integrity prevail because ObamaCare is going to push us all off the cliff eventually. It won’t matter whether you’re sucking on the government teat like Obama’s fictional Julia or selling real estate—you are going to go over that cliff one day.

That wheelchair Democrats put Granny in for their skewed commercial is going to cost Granny more under ObamaCare, by the way, because there's a new tax on medical device manufacturers.

If you don’t believe me, go read the bill like I did.

The states mentioned in this article are but a few grappling with the new Health Tax Bill.


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[*A hat tip to Reason magazine for staying on top of ObamaCare challenges to states' rights.]

(Commentary by Kay B.Day/May 10, 2012)

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