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With gay marriage evolution, Obama’s a Tenther?

In 2008 at Saddleback Church, Obama said, "I believe marriage is the union between a man and a woman...I'm not somebody who promotes same sex marriage." Obama explained his position in the video. (Screen snip)President Barack Obama seized a political opportunity that reminded us again he’s the darling of select media who have loved him from the moment they laid eyes upon him—he announced that he is now for gay marriage.

Then he made a bizarre statement—the issue of marriage for same sex couples would be up to the states. Not a single reporter has asked or likely will ask an informed question about this.

Has our president, the former constitutional law lecturer, become a Tenther?

 It's more likely Obama has been looking hard at the polls as presumptive GOP nominee Gov. Mitt Romney is making gains.

Obama has routinely treated the Constitution as an elastic document, bending it to suit his political purpose. Reporters spent most of the day and evening praising his brave new position in the Brave New World he is attempting to refine.

Not a single reporter called Obama out on other important decisions that reflect a complete lack of respect for the Tenth Amendment.

A bright reporter would be asking, “Mr. President, since you believe marriage is a states’ rights issue, why don’t you extend the same approach to local security in individual states? Why are you suing Arizona over what is basically a law enforcement issue?”

Even a moderately bright reporter could ask, “Mr. President, concerning the Tenth Amendment, how is it that you believe a federal mandate for the purchase of health insurance is constitutional?”

Even a dullard with scant knowledge of the Constitution might ask, “Mr. President, since you’re so careful to cite the Constitution on some matters, how is it that you can indefinitely detain and even assassinate U.S citizens without benefit of trial? Will you go after states like Virginia for nullifying provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act that you signed?”

Obama’s “personal” position on gay marriage accomplishes nothing substantive,  other than campaign donations and a hurricane of Kodak moments for media.

The president might “personally” approve of gay marriage after denying or waffling on it for years, but his statement does nothing to clear up issues about social security and other benefits, the impact on immigration and other federal matters. Gay people of the world, Obama left you hanging whether you admit it or not.

Not a single reporter called Obama out on this. In contrast when former Vice President Dick Cheney declared his support for gay marriage a couple years ago, ink gushed forth not in adulation but satire.

If media had done their job, they’d have called Obama out on his self-contradictions regarding the Tenth Amendment. Problem is, most reporters probably don’t understand that amendment, evidenced by pundit Rachel Maddow whose ignorance on that amendment is breathtaking if you look at facts rather than rhetoric and political fiction.

Obviously, select media are advocating for this president. What he said about gay marriage makes not one iota of difference. And if you think Obama’s really a Tenther, I hope you have a guardian looking after you because you need one.

Obama and the Democrats could have passed any legislation they wanted to when they had complete control of the Legislative branch and the Executive Office.

Mr. President?

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(Commentary by Kay B. Day/May 10, 2012)

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