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Millions in earmarks, grants enriched Obama’s city of residence

“The Department of Health and Human Services last week announced it had awarded a $5.9 million grant to a University of Chicago Medical Center program tied to Michelle Obama and run by Eric Whitaker, one of President Obama’s closest friends.”—White House Dossier; May 14, 2012

Jimmy Carter, 39th president of the U.S., with Chicago Mayor “Big Boss” Richard J. Daley at the state’s convention of Democrats in 1976. Daley died shortly after this photo was published. There’s a fairly well-sourced account of Daley’s life and notoriety at Wikipedia. [Photo: Thomas J. O’Halloran. U.S. Library of Congress. Published Sept. 9, 1976.]

Health and Human Services’ latest grant to the University of Chicago Medical Center where First Lady Michelle Obama once held a lucrative job is but a drop in the overall bucket of Obama-funds to his city of residence.

Even before the president was elected, he shuttled generous taxpayer dollars to Chicago.

As a high level earmarker, Obama requested millions for Chicago Children’s Hospital, millions more for an underpass in Chicago’s Central Business District and triple millions to the University of Illinois. The university could conceivably use the money at different locations.

Chicago wasn’t the only beneficiary. Obama’s requested earmarks  totaled nearly $750 million for projects all over the place.

Taxpayers even funded a perpetual earmark—perpetual is the best kind, right? Here’s the one that required taxpayers to fund a Democrat policy center in Southern Ill.:

“Southern Illinois University, for the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, $1,025,000—Funding would provide a permanent and stable source of revenue for the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at SIU, which was founded by former Senator Paul Simon. Federal funding will allow SIU to fulfill Senator Simon's dream for an endowment to support the institute's on-going policy agenda.”

Media gave the junior senator’s earmarks a brief nod and quickly forgot them. Does anyone even know how many were successful?

Obama’s Recovery Act was also generous to his home state. In 2010, ABC Local WLS-TV 7 reported, “$611,000 in stimulus funds was given to the University of Illinois to determine whether stress makes people drink more.” The station noted other grants, each of them approximately half a million dollars, that created no jobs or no new jobs.

When Obama and his colleagues like Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) talk about the budget deficit they “inherited” from President George W. Bush, bear in mind Obama’s Democrats controlled Washington after the November, 2006 election until the November, 2010 election when Republicans regained control of the U.S. House.

Democrats spent and spent, leaving Bush holding the bag for what he spent and what they spent. How’d they do that?

Senate Democrats have not produced a budget in more than 1,086 days. That's a great way to bury your spending. They did try to squeak one through—their Senate leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) kept it from advancing. Here’s why Reid doesn’t want a budget passed until after November when any vulnerable Dems will heave a sigh of relief or angst.

Breitbart pointed out Democrats included in their budget:

•$2.6 trillion in tax hikes.

•Spending that would grow at twice the rate of inflation.

•Debt increases by more than $8 trillion that would make the U.S. total debt $23 trillion by the end of 2022.

•Mandatory spending growth at 3 times the rate of inflation.

The White House Dossier said of the latest grant:

“Last week’s award is not the first time money directed toward the UHI has raised red flags. In September, The Daily Caller reported that the private philanthropy of billionaire Obama supporter and donor George Kaiser had donated $10,000 to the UHI during 2009, the same year Kaiser secured the now-infamous $535 million government loan guarantee to failed solar panel maker Solyndra.”

Despite all the spending, even the most diehard Dems like black males are experiencing record unemployment.

Meanwhile, Chicago and the political class are thriving.

Regarding Mrs. Obama’s former  job at the University of Chicago Medical Center, read a downright hilarious defense of Mrs. Obama’s “decrease” in her lucrative salary after her husband decided to run for president. You can’t make this stuff up.


HHS sends $5.9 million to program run by Obama buddy (White House Dossier)

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Is new $1.2 billion DOE loan another 'good bet' like Solyndra? (The US Report)

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/May 14, 2012)

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