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League of Women Voters special deal on Cuba travel—partisan or not?

Screen snip of video posted on League of Women Voters-Virginia home page. I admit I’ve always assumed the League of Women Voters leans to the Left—just my personal impression based on snippets of policy statements and such. I noticed a link beneath a story at Pajamas Media on Friday and got curious.

The title of the story PJ Media linked to: “League of Women Voters Aren’t Nonpartisan.”

I did a little searching, but I can’t say I was surprised by what I found.

The PJ Media story linked to the homepage of the Virginia League of Women Voters and that homepage had an interesting video up about police presence at a rally in March at the state capitol. It was the video subtitle that caught my eye: ‘Bob McDonnell’s Virginia.’

McDonnell is a Republican whose support for Gov. Mitt Romney (presumptive GOP presidential nominee) is well known.

At the moment, there are some serious riot squads in Chicago, but the League page for that city doesn’t have a single line up about Pat Quinn’s Illinois. You can’t blame Chicago for not criticizing the governor because Chicago is a city long associated with corruption and as we all know, it’s run by Democrats. I suspect the League in that city doesn’t want to open a door for further discussion on that matter.

On the home page for the League in Florida, there are links to articles taking Florida to task for the state’s reform of voting procedures. One change involved shortening the number of Early Vote days but lengthening the time each day an elections supervisor could extend to the public. One article the Florida League linked to at The Washington Post is most definitely a hit job on Voter ID—and the Republican Party.

Another item of interest on the Florida League page is a new announcement indicative of the Obama administration’s appreciation for the League. Here’s a statement from the Winter/Spring, 2012 newsletter:

“We have obtained a specific license from the federal government to conduct people-to-people travel to Cuba.”

As the Florida League bristles at Voter ID regulations, the Florida Secretary of State is busy trying to remove non-citizens from voter rolls. PJ Media said the office has also discovered there are 53,000 dead people eligible to vote. I couldn’t find any statements expressing concern about dead voters or non-citizen voters on the Florida page.

It’s almost impossible to not make a joke about Democrats and voting, but I will refrain in the interest of civil dialog.

Do a search using the string People Get Fake IDs. I got more than 48 million results by using Bing for that. I couldn’t find a single item on the League pages I searched regarding that matter although every fake vote cancels a legitimate vote.

Segue to the Kansas League page—what do we find there? The League has a beef with the state about—you guessed it—voters having to show an ID to vote. The League makes the case the last 4 digits of your social security number and a signature should suffice.

Of course that might suffice if we didn’t have what amounts to an open border and a thriving black market in obtaining fake identification.

The League is also upset with Kansas over reductions in redistribution of wealth—a planned decrease in the freebie money non-taxpayers get from taxpayers each year.

Is the League of Women Voters partisan? You’re still free to make up your own mind about that. At least I’ve been honest about the way I swing.


Mexican natives, Dems in Congress and Common Cause sue U.S. (The US Report)

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/May 21, 2012)


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