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Massachusetts Senate race: A blond Indian ‘one-percenter’ in search of a tribe

In a campaign video, Elizabeth Warren says she "stood up to the big banks." The Boston Herald reported Warren "collected a total of $192,722 for leading the congressional panel that oversaw the US bank bailouts." (Screen snip from campaign video)You have to hand it to Elizabeth Warren, self-proclaimed champion of the middle class who helped President Barack Obama establish the completely unnecessary Consumer Protection Bureau. Warren has morphed into a ‘one percenter’ and a blond American Indian.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Turns out Warren listed herself as a minority—technically what the feds call “Native American”—in a law school directory for nine years. I use the term “American Indian” because we don’t know who got here first. I figure anyone born on U.S. soil is actually a “Native American” in the strict sense of the word rather than the cultural sense.

Did Warren benefit from her minority status?

She said she used it to “meet other people with tribal roots.”

It also turns out Warren is rich. Yep, the Democrat who has routinely bashed others for their wealth is wealthy. And like many members of the political class, she knows how to work the government to her advantage, grabbing more than $190,000 for working on the bank bailout we taxpayers shouldn’t have funded to begin with.

The Boston Herald ran a column explaining just what a fat cat Warren is.

The Herald also reported the New England Historic Genealogical Society couldn’t come up with documentation to back up Warren’s claims about her family tree.

Maybe they do things differently up North, but despite massive amounts of records being burned during the Civil War in the South, my husband’s family genealogy buff was able to document his American Indian ancestor. My husband has never claimed that status on any application, but numerous members of his family actually have traits associated with that lineage, including dark hair and complexion.

Massachusetts hasn’t made much sense to me over the years when it came to politics—this is the state that repeatedly returned Ted Kennedy to office despite his actions in the Chappaquiddick scandal.

Warren’s claims, however, and her responses when asked about them, set a new standard in inanity even for Leftists.

Warren is running against Republican Scott Brown who holds the Senate seat at present.

In a campaign video, Warren said she “stood up to the big banks.” The big banks fared pretty well in the bailout she supervised, however.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/May 3, 2012)

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