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Amid furor over voter ID, RPOF statement reveals bombshell about DHS

Florida precinct parking lot on past voting day. Obviously, there is no deluge. Early vote days can easily be consolidated without impacting anyone, as Florida's voter reforms are implemented. (Photo: The US Report)As news of a judge’s decision about Florida’s voting reforms reached the Sunshine State, Republican women and the state party chair issued a rapid response.

Ironically, a statement from RPOF chair Lenny Curry contained a bombshell, and it puts President Barack Obama’s Dept. of Homeland Security in an even worse light.

Problems already existed with a decision by Judge Robert Hinkle, a Clinton appointee. Hinkle took issue with the time frame voter registration groups had to turn materials over to the state. At the same time, the judge made an admission:

“The rule, which makes no provision for mailing in applications, serves little, if any, purpose, even if it doesn’t violate the National Voting Rights Act, Hinkle said.”

DHS didn’t look much better.

Florida’s secretary of state Kent Detzner had appealed to DHS for information the agency has that would allow the state to doublecheck voter registrations that are suspect. DHS has stonewalled that request involving as many as 2,700 of the most questionable registrations. DHS knows time is of the essence because there is a deadline for vetting registrations ahead of elections. By stonewalling, DHS has in effect impeded Florida’s efforts.

The Florida Federation of Republican Women issued a statement from the organization’s president, Cindy Graves, on Friday, pointing out that voters “demand lawful elections.” FFRW also appealed to Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder “to do  his duty to uphold our laws and compel the Department of Homeland Security to identify those individuals who are registered to vote in the State of Florida but are not U.S. citizens, as properly requested by our governor.”

By comparison, Holder willingly issued waivers to states in 2011, giving them extra time for compliance with new regulations in the MOVE Act passed to make sure that those who serve in the military got their votes counted.

Most media in Florida have advocated openly for anti-voter ID, claiming a disadvantage that would largely impact ‘hispanics.’ However, federal voter reforms were originally put in place as an effort to ensure black votes were not obstructed after Jim Crow laws, often passed by Democrats, were put into place.

Curry’s statement, however, contained a bombshell no one noticed.

Curry said:

“Florida, along with Colorado, has requested access to the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program. This program is managed by the Obama Administration in the Department of Homeland Security. According to SAVE's mission statement, they provide ‘immigration status information to authorized agencies to assist them in maintaining the integrity of their programs.’"

Obviously, DHS is only too willing to help states distribute taxpayer funded entitlements. Yet the agency appears to be obstructing efforts to make sure those taxpayers’ votes are not delegitimized by people who are not eligible to vote.

A Rasmussen poll found 75 percent of Americans approve of Voter ID regulations. Approval crossed demographic and political groups. A Fox News poll found similar approval.

Ironically, as news broke about DHS and the judge’s ruling, a columnist at Examiner revealed Democrats were requiring photo ID for attendees at their convention in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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(Filed by Kay B. Day/June 2, 2012)


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