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What does it mean when the chief of CBS shows up at an Obama fundraiser?

Poster title translates from Cyrillic as “We will annihilate kulaks as a class.” Published around 1930, the message promoted collectivization and opposition to Kulaks, self-sufficient peasants. By 1932, famine had set in in areas like Ukraine, formerly the most productive area of the Soviet Union.[Poster from digital collection, U.S. Library of Congress]

Les Moonves, CEO of CBS, has done what few others in media will do. Moonves was at a fundraiser for President Barack Obama on Thursday and he admitted what he could not deny because of, for one thing, the fact he was at an Obama fundraiser.

Breitbart reported on comments Moonves made to The L.A. Times—“partisanship is very much a part of journalism now." Moonves was careful to point out he hasn’t donated to a candidate.

I’d add that partisanship has always been “very much a part of journalism” but the difference between now and the past—coverups of JFK and FDR’s scandals and the corruption within the government’s global warming alarmist complex—is that alternative voices have the opportunity to be heard, in part because of the Internet and technology.

Moonves’ presence at the fundraiser, especially if he didn’t donate, says more than his remarks to the newspaper. If you’re a writer/journalist/media figure—whatever—and you’re at a fundraiser you didn’t pay to attend, you’re there as a supporter. Period. Don’t let any member of the political class tell you any different.

Not that it matters. Anyone truly informed these days knows most major networks and newspapers are written by Democrats and they push socialist ideology. Why we don’t just call progressives and liberals by the name that most fits their politics—socialism—is beyond me.

Thing is, libertarians and conservatives and independents owe people a proper perspective, so it’s up to us to tell Auntie Cass who lives in a tiny town in upstate Carolina where the only news she gets comes from ABC, CBS, NBC and probably (God help us all) MSNBC. “Hey, Auntie, you know those guys are Democrats, right?” It really is just that simple. Just put the messaging in proper context.

There’s a beautiful essay that deserved more attention when it was published in 2009, “Why Most Journalists Are Democrats: A View from the Soviet Socialist Trenches.” Barbara Oakley, PhD, PE, wrote it for Psychology Today. Oakley wrote:

“This also ignores journalism’s own issues with greed and corruption—most despicably with Walter Duranty, who covered the Soviet Union for the New York Times and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1932 for a series of stories that uncritically backed Stalinist propaganda, denied the Ukrainian famine, and defended Stalin's infamous trials. Duranty lived lavishly in Stalin’s good graces.  (Meanwhile, the Times has never returned the Pulitzer.)  More recently, the New York Times’ fraudulent reporter Jayson Blair received a mid-six figure advance for his memoirs—even the most egregious reporters can make big bucks and become media darlings.”

The Pulitzer board also agreed Duranty’s prize wouldn’t be revoked posthumously—it wasn’t his fault that he was duped by a tyrant whose policies helped starve more than 6 million people. Duranty was living well.

As we head into what will be a very heated election in November, it’s a good idea to bear in mind that traditional media played a key role in electing Obama and before that, in temporarily helping Democrats gain absolute control of the U.S. government.

Oakley said, “Trying to make the world better can make it worse.” That’s a truth most conservatives and libertarians would admit. Socialists, however, can’t bring themselves to accept it.

We currently have a government that says it’s okay to kill American citizens without benefit of trial or formal charges, to permit spying on us via drones or other methods via the military on domestic properties, to mandate our purchasing a health insurance policy, to hand over even more of the income we earn for purposes that have nothing to do with the “general welfare” and, in many states, makes the familiar “It’s a girl” announcement a license to kill.

Those are just a few end products of socialist governance. We should call it out for what it is and just as importantly, for what it has brought to the world.


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(Commentary by Kay B. Day/June 8, 2012)

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