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Feds want sex allegations buried in lawsuit against DHS; story broken by indie blogger

Indie blogger Debbie Schlussel broke the story on allegations in the sex scandal brewing at Obama's Dept. of Homeland Security. (Screen snip/The US Report)The story would be top of the page from now to November if a Republican held the White House, but a scandal brewing at President Barack Obama’s Dept. of Homeland Security is basically flying under the radar.

Largely through the efforts of an indie blogger, the story is making its way into the public eye.

In an earlier story at The US Report, we covered a lawsuit filed by James T. Hayes Jr., special agent in charge of New York City investigations for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Documents filed contain sexually explicit allegations that are real eye-poppers.

Federal authorities filed a motion to dismiss, but The New York Post said:

 “The feds have asked a judge to strike from the public record the most ‘scandalous’ details…”

So much for transparency—Obama promised transparency ahead of his election.

Ironically, the Obama administration even filed a lawsuit to keep the White House visitor logs private.

Whether the judge will comply with the feds’ request in the sex scandal suit is not known, but media affection for DHS chief Janet Napolitano is guaranteed, considering past actions big media largely ignored.

Indie blogger Debbie Schlussel broke the sex scandal story and is following it closely—media rarely credit such bloggers but routinely use their material as a source.

A user at scribd has collected various articles and links related to the scandal.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Aug. 20, 2012)

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