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Breitbart ups reward to $100k for Khalidi tape featuring Obama

The L.A. Times reportedly has a video featuring President Barack Obama at a going-away party in 2003 for Rashid Khalidi, an activist who advocated for the Palestinian cause both before and while he taught at American universities.

Breitbart wants the tape and has upped an existing reward to $100,000 for the complete video.

The paper has kept the tape under wraps, according to various media.

Peter Wallsten, a reporter who now works for a different newspaper, acknowledged the tape exists, claiming some of the speakers at the party held anti-Israel views in contrast to those of Obama:

While noting that some speakers accused the Israeli government of terrorism and likened Jewish settlers to Osama bin Laden, Wallsten added that Obama "adopted a different tone...and called for finding common ground."

However, in the absence of the full tape, the public must take Wallsten’s word for what is on it.

Obama has enjoyed support and advocacy from most working in traditional U.S. media.

Breitbart has details on criteria for claiming the reward.

Wikipedia has a well-sourced fairly objective bio on Khalidi; Discover the Networks provides a bio from a conservative point of view.

Many who don’t agree with Democrats’ agenda of central power dominance, collectivism, wealth redistribution and tax hikes believe Obama was not vetted on a level that others running for the presidency have undergone. Few conservative media vetted the junior senator either. Breitbart is one of the only media outlets in the nation to place the president under a microscope.

For instance, as the 2012 election cycle heated up, Breitbart found that Obama’s bio as published by his literary agent claimed he was born in Kenya.  The bio remained in place for years said Breitbart.

Media rarely point out that the birther controversy first surfaced on the Left, and no media have pointed out that Obama’s literary agency for years reinforced the claims.

The Obamas and the Khalidis are longtime friends and associates.

(Filed by Kay B. Day/Sept. 21, 2012)


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