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Nullification flurry spurs TAC to create legislative tracking page

The Tenth Amendment Center also maintains a public page on Facebook where more than 57,000 fans ‘Like’ the page. (Graphic: Snip from TAC Facebook page)As Democrats continue to expand the federal government’s role in our daily lives, states are fighting laws that violate limitations on federal powers. The most useful weapon in these states’ arsenals is nullification.

The Tenth Amendment Center has taken note of numerous bills pending in state legislatures, creating a legislative tracking page to help voters stay informed.

Democrat-allied pundits have viciously attacked the principles of nullification, with many claiming that nullification is, as Tenthers executive director Michael Boldin said, “a Republican movement to stop Obama.”

In a recent news release, Boldin pointed out the complete lack of logic in that claim:

The movement crosses party and ideological lines, touching on issues important to both the left and the right. The Kentucky legislature and New York Assembly will consider legalizing medical marijuana, with other states expected to join their efforts. In Indiana, South Carolina and numerous other states, lawmakers will take up bills nullifying the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Six state legislatures already have bills filed that would prohibit cooperation with any attempts to indefinitely detain people without due process under provisions in the NDAA. Several states, including Wyoming, will consider stepping in to block any federal actions violating the Second Amendment. Florida, Indiana and Missouri will look at legislation prohibiting spying by domestic drones.

Actions by various states on decriminalizing marijuana demonstrate that Republicans aren’t alone in voicing concerns about federal powers illegally trampling individual liberties.

Boldin said:

“A lot of people want to paint this as some kind of Republican movement to stop Obama. It’s not about party politics. It’s about freedom, liberty and controlling power. A wide coalition from left to right is supporting efforts to oppose indefinite detention in the NDAA. Heck, we expect four more states to consider weed legalization. Not exactly part of the Republican platform. It’s simple. Americans are saying, ‘We want to make decisions on issues at the local level. We don’t want mandates and dictates slammed down our throats from D.C. And we will not let the federal government spy on, grope and kidnap people with impunity.'”

Leftist pundits have completely skewed information about nullification. The principle was used, for instance, to protect states that didn’t want to return runaway slaves to pro-slavery states.

Boldin said he was surprised by the “sheer number of bills coming up this year.” Those bills aren’t just related to the ObamaCare Tax Act. Democrats inappropriately titled that act the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The ObamaCare Tax Act does not protect patients and it will not make healthcare more affordable.

Boldin said, “With Mitt losing, we expected a lot of states to look at nullifying the health care act this year, but we’ve seen more than anyone would have expected - and most state legislative sessions are yet to get underway. It’s not just one issue. From guns, to weed, to federal kidnapping, states are stepping up to say, No!’”

TAC provides the legislative tracking page free to the public. The organization is funded by donations from supporters.

 (Source: Tenth Amendment Center news release Jan. 14, 2013; additional commentary by Kay B. Day)


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