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U.S. Presidency, 2nd Act for Democrats: Predictions on Obama’s “world without boundaries”

President Barack Obama leaves St. John's church to head to his public swearing in on Monday. (Screen shot, C-SPAN; The US Report)The brilliance in Obama’s inauguration speech on Monday had nothing to do with content. After all, the president simply recycled talking points from campaign speeches that consumed the lion’s share of the last two years in his first term. Where Obama excels is in his delivery; the man is a born actor. He could read a cereal box to his adoring crowds and they’d applaud despite the fact that Democrat policies have slammed the middle class on food prices, energy, healthcare costs and taxes.

One remark Obama made has been studiously ignored—a nod to the political philosophy of Democrat “Open Society” benefactor George Soros. Obama said [boldface added]:

[W]e possess all the qualities that this world without boundaries demands…

The absence of boundaries for the U.S. is obvious. The U.S. taxpayer bears the burden of the cost of that policy, in terms of healthcare, education, federal welfare programs and crime.

Democrats deliberately blur two disparate groups when they talk about the border—aliens and immigrants. Immigrants come here for all the right reasons and deal with a combative, expensive bureaucracy that benefits immigration lawyers and bureaucrats. No one has reformed the immigration system.

On the other hand, no one can say why aliens come here without abiding by federal law and it’s likely no one will because the president and his party have consistently refused to uphold federal law.

The result of Obama’s open border or ”world without boundaries” is the disenfranchisement of unskilled domestic workers and immigrants. If a worker is in the country and technically in violation of federal law, that worker will often work more cheaply and he certainly won’t ask for benefits. I believe we will continue to see high unemployment among U.S. unskilled workers.

Obama talked up climate change too, citing the “overwhelming judgment of science.” We don’t need government science, by the way, to prove climate change occurs. We can just look at the Grand Canyon. It’s impossible to tell what Obama meant when he said we’d respond to the “threat of climate change.” It’s likely he means more taxpayer-funded subsidies for Dem-friendly alternative energy interests.

When the president mentioned “raging fires,” he should have pointed out that members of his Leftist coalition had a lot to do with wildfires, evidenced by enviro-terrorists who set fires (allegedly) at ski resorts, forest service offices and other places. Those Leftist eco-terrorists certainly cost the taxpayer, as ABC News reported:

Investigators blame the group based in Eugene for 20 fires across the West from 1996 to 2001 that did $40 million damage.

Wildfires are often not the product of Mother Nature.

Obama also talked up protecting social security, Medicare and Medicaid. Democrats are incapable of doing this, however, if projected reductions in Medicare spending are a gauge. Republicans have been skewered over claims about Democrats’ cuts to Medicare projected payouts—more than $700 billion. However, seniors are already feeling the pinch because their premiums have increased. 

USA Today said about 14 million seniors—“27 percent of all Medicare beneficiaries”—opted for Advantage plans. If you’re in that population, expect your premiums to continue to rise.

Furthermore, government committees will continue to dominate healthcare practice in the U.S. for most of us who can’t afford to fly to a foreign country for care and in coming years, we will see a reduction in quality and an increase in costs as medical tourism increases.

It’s useful to remember the greatest hoax the alphabet networks’ evening newscasts never covered. ObamaCare is a tax bill, not a healthcare bill and it comes nowhere close to universal healthcare. If you believe it does, please appoint yourself a guardian to look after your wellbeing.

As the president’s second term progresses, the Left will rule and I mean that literally. That’s already the case, with Democrats led by Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid refusing to work with House Republicans and the president doing the same. Just short of half our country didn’t vote a Democrat ticket and there’s no point in expecting things to get better for us. The Democrats’ fan base won’t acknowledge it, but the Left has never been known for common sense.

Food prices will rise and gas prices will continue to do the same. Healthcare premiums will rise for those of us who work and physicians will be encouraged to act as government snoops by questioning us about safety locks on gun cabinets and such.

Taxes will continue to rise, either directly as in the recent payroll tax hike Democrats levied on everyone or indirectly in the form of fees (see your cell phone or cable TV bill for more on that).

Democrats will continue to court educators by claiming more federal dollars are needed for our schools, the same schools most wealthy Dems in the private and government sectors don’t send their kids to. Schools are not the province of the federal government, by the way. They are a state and local issue and federal involvement has eroded the quality of public education.

Democrats have aligned their party with pushers of socialism despite the fact that system benefits only the political elite.

Anyone who disagrees with Democrat policy—it’s perfectly aligned with policies espoused by the Communist Party USA—will be labeled an “extremist.”

As many of us budgeted and cut costs, attendees at the inaugural luncheon scarfed down a 3,000 calorie meal worthy of a 5-star restaurant. Nowhere was the divide greater than in the festivities associated with the inauguration as the political elite wined, dined and brushed elbows with pop culture figures while the rest of the nation scrimped, saved and dismissed all hope of improvement in the economy, jobs and personal freedom.

A little more than half the country voted for less money in our pockets and more federal control of our daily lives. That’s what Democrats have promised and that is exactly what they will deliver, come hell, high water or both.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Jan. 22, 2013)


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