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Hillary’s day in the Benghazi spotlight: Don’t get your hopes up

Photo of Mrs. Clinton: From TV broadcast, via C-SPANSec. of State Hillary Clinton will testify about the Benghazi scandal on Wednesday, but don’t get your hopes up. Mrs. Clinton is the doyenne of Democrat spin, evidenced by her own amazing political rehabilitation after serving as de facto co-president with her husband in the 1990s.

Clinton will deal with the Senate at 9 a.m. and the House at 2 p.m. The House testimony, I think, will be more interesting for obvious reasons.

Benghazi was an unnecessary failure, considering ample warnings as well as the significance of September 11. President Barack Obama engaged the U.S. in Libya’s war without benefit of Congress. Obama and his team dropped the ball on a war he chose to enter in a country that posed no direct threat to the U.S.

Our actions in that country received little criticism from state allied media like the alphabet TV networks.

On the cable side, CNN’s Candy Crowley ran interference for Obama's Benghazi scandal during the second presidential debate. Crowley’s loyalty was rewarded when First Lady Michelle Obama, whose heart is often displayed on her well-groomed sleeve,  broke protocol to clap.

There was one high profile benefactor in Libya—BP. That company also was involved in operating the In Amenas gas plant in Algeria. BP and the U.S. government are most definitely BFF.

One consequence of the Libya war involves weapons. Various media reported the country is still “awash in weapons,” as The Guardian (UK) noted.

A recent Reuters story called Libya an “arms bazaar.”

Reuters also said the Islamists—the international news agency called them “militants”—had cars with Libyan plates.

One liberal scholar suggested a “can of scorpions” had been opened by intervention in Libya’s war. Horace Campbell believes NATO powers misled the world about the mission in Libya, that the war is not over, and the fighting has had a “tragic effect on all of the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa.”

I’ve often remarked about the political rehab both Clintons have enjoyed. If you review media accounts from the end of Bill Clinton’s final term, it becomes evident that even liberal pundits were disgusted with the couple’s behavior. Even Chris Matthews was in an uproar about presidential behavior at that time. Now the Clintons are media darlings again.

In her landmark book The Final Days, the late Barbara Olson gave a spot-on assessment of Mrs. Clinton:

Hillary Rodham Clinton remains, in her own mind, one of the anointed, and her quest remains how best to impose her ideas…She is quite willing to act outrageously, stonewall and obfuscate, then proclaim that it is time to “move on.”

Because Democrats control most media and the Obama administration has obstructed transparency, Americans may never know the truth about what happened in Benghazi. Don’t get your hopes up about Hillary’s testimony.

All we need to know about Benghazi was summed up in a scalding assessment from the original head of the CIA bin Laden unit Michael Scheuer:

Democrats are good at watching Americans die.

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(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Jan. 23, 2013)



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