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After hiring registered sex offender, senator faces allegations about sex with minors

Sen. Bob Menendez faces allegations he had sex with minors. (Photo: U.S. Senate pages)Bob Menendez initially came to the U.S. Senate via an appointment by former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine. Corzine is certainly no stranger to scandal, and now Menendez is entangled in controversy as well.

Sex with underage girls and hiring an intern with a criminal record are part of the allegations leveled at Menendez who won reelection after his appointment.

Corzine’s scandal emerged after he faced numerous allegations about his management of brokerage firm MF Global. The firm went bankrupt; media reported more than $1 billion in client money was lost. Corzine remains free. He was a top bundler for President Barack Obama. Corzine told Congress, under oath, that he didn’t know anything about  the missing $1 billion.

Media gave Corzine's downfall little attention as the 2012 presidential race approached. In political circles, Corzine was widely viewed as a Democrat rising star.

Menendez has problems that go beyond money.

First the New Jersey Democrat hired an intern who was registered as a sex offender and in the U.S. as an illegal alien. Menendez did not question the charges about the intern.

For those unfamiliar with Washington, an internship is a highly sought post for up and comers aiming at a career in politics. Internships are normally given as a political perk to children whose parents have clout with the political class.

How the illegal alien got the internship is anyone’s guess, but Menendez told media you can ask interns whether they’re in the country illegally, but you cannot check their status. That policy is a product of Democrats via President Barack Obama’s Dept. of Justice.

Now The Daily Caller says Menendez is accused of having sex with “underage Dominican prostitutes.”

An indie blogger has posted a wealth of information about the allegations, including emails containing accusatory statements, and one email attributed to the FBI said the agency had been able to “confirm most” of the information provided by the tipster.

In 2007 Menendez issued a news release that included his concerns about “human trafficking.”

Will Menendez remove himself from the U.S. Senate as both parties gear up for the 2014 midterm elections? That depends on Democrat power brokers and the outcome of the investigation.

(Filed by Kay B. Day/Jan. 25, 2013)


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