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Daily Beast editor pleads for Hillary, “Her Magnificence,” to take a break

Photo of President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary published April 23, 1993. (Official White House photograph/U.S. Library of Congress)No duo has enjoyed a more benign political rehabilitation than former President Bill Clinton and his First Lady Hillary.

Although the Clinton presidency deteriorated into scandal, even drawing fire from die-hard supporters in Democrat media, Americans quickly forgot the Clintons’ past as soon as President George W. Bush took office.

With a Republican in the White House, who wanted to target Democrats anyway?

No better example of the success of pro-Clinton propaganda can be found than Daily Beast editor Tina Brown’s dramatic plea for Mrs. Clinton to slow down because the country is “looking for a rock.”

Brown directly addresses the secretary of state, telling her, “Give yourself a break.”

Brown wrote: “It’s not just Washington’s antics that make us value Hillary the Stoic more than ever. These are scary times.”

These are scary times. When a high profile Internet media personality looks to Hillary as our savior—well, you don’t get much scarier than that.

Brown was defending criticism of Mrs. Clinton regarding the Benghazi scandal most media downplayed on behalf of the reelection of President Barack Obama. Clinton couldn’t testify because she fell, allegedly had a concussion and ended up with a blood clot.

The process of transparency has been annihilated by Obama. Obama once again proved he has Teflon in his DNA, skating freely without tripping on the conspicuous bodies of 4 dead Americans at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. Both Obama and Clinton chose to dismiss the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by blaming an obscure filmmaker for a terrorist attack and apologizing to the Muslim world because Islamists were offended at the film’s clumsy insults towards a Muslim prophet.

The perp walk of that filmmaker was one of the darkest moments I’ve witnessed in U.S. politics. Obama’s Dept. of Justice went after the filmmaker on other grounds, but we all got the significance of parading him in front of the world to pacify extremists. That Democrats could get away with such a blatant act of propaganda should give us all pause. Media's cooperation in this misinformation campaign should never be forgotten or forgiven.

In her love song to Hillary, Brown went after former U.S. ambassador to the UN John Bolton who doubted the logistics of Mrs. Clinton’s concussion:

What a disgrace that John Bolton and his goaty Republican ilk accused Her Magnificence of inventing a concussion to get out of testifying at the Benghazi hearings. Bolton is not fit to wipe her floor with his mustache.

“Her Magnificence”? Brown must have been in a Disney frame of mind when she penned her prose ode to Hillary.

There is an excellent analysis of the end of the Clinton era, courtesy of the late Barbara Olson. Olson died two days before her book The Final Days went to press. Olson was on the hijacked plane that crashed into the Pentagon during the attacks on America on September 11, 2001. Olson was already a best-selling author before The Final Days was published. Her wit and wisdoms are sorely missed in our current era of homogenized punditry.

Olson’s book on the Clintons' last days in the Oval Office is a must read for anyone interested in American politics. After the departing president pardoned a major cocaine trafficker and other lowlifes, Olson quoted none other than rabid Democrat pundit Chris Matthews:

“Matthews summarized the Rich and Vignali deals, concluding, ‘The loser in this deal is the country. Before this, we laughed at poor little countries that drug dealers and international crooks could buy. We mocked the Third World capitals where a little money in the fingers of a certain family member would open doors or close eyes. Thanks to Bill and Hillary Clinton, we have now forfeited that small national vanity.”

Regnery published Olson’s book in 2001. Considering rumors about the 2016 presidential possibilities on the Dem ticket, maybe it’s time for a commemorative reprint because yes, Ms. Brown, these are scary times indeed. Those of us with long memories and rational minds derive little comfort from the job performance of "Her Magnificence."

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Jan. 3, 2012)


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