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On leading Leftist blog, Democrats share GOP anxiety over Obama and Washington

When President Obama participated in a question and answer session at Saddleback Church in 2008, he was against same sex marriage. He said he “evolved.” (Screen shot/TV broadcast)Once the November elections were over, Republican anxiety was widespread. From criticizing the GOP nominee’s presidential campaign to ranting about obvious media bias for President Barack Obama, Republicans spoke out on social media, in blogs and at holiday gatherings.

What many Republicans and Democrat legacy media overlooked of late—Democrat anxiety over the direction of the Donkey Party.

Ample evidence exists at Daily Kos, standard bearer for blogs on the Left and bellwether for Democrat policies.

Top of the entries at Kos on Friday was an article criticizing Al Gore for selling Current TV to interests with large financial stakes in oil.

As mostly conservative media mused about the timeliness of the sale—one benefit is that Gore will likely dodge some taxes on his profits—‘Kossites’ bemoaned the guru of climate change selling out to the enemy camp. Front page blogger GoGoGoEverton wrote:

Current TV, bastion of progressivism on American cable TV, home to The Young Turks, Talking Liberally, The Gavin Newsome show, etc.....now owned and run by an unelected Feudal Lord; a monarchist who makes most of his money by selling oil, the burning of which just does wonders for climate change, I hear.

A poll below the article reflected hypocrisy found in all political parties—if your side did it, it’s no big deal. Most who responded to Gore’s sale selected ‘No big deal’ as their response.

Kos didn’t stop there, though. Blogger Weatherdude wrote about criticism from Democrats regarding Obama’s policies. Included in the article was a quiz containing comments readers could make a guess about. Did the comments come from Kos or from leading conservative blog site Red State?

All the comments were negative towards Obama. The results of the quiz surprised even jaded types like me.

These matters are indicative of the advantages both parties enjoy courtesy of a divided nation. As long as divisiveness reigns, each party can count on their faithful to go along with whatever comes down the pike.

One commenter at Kos said:

Watch out  grandma and grandpa, Obama will be coming for your "entitlements" now to pay for his employment strategy of Endless Pointless War. What's that?! You don't think of them as entitlements because you paid for them in taxes your whole life. Well, fuck you, go die under a bridge.

Similar criticism was often directed at Republican President George W. Bush.

The ObamaCare Tax bill enacted without Republican support contains more than $700 billion in cuts to Medicare. Perhaps the Left is waking up to the implications of their choices in candidates. The Right woke up in 2010.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Jan. 4, 2013)


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