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Will media stop with gun owners, or move on to STDs, dog owners and other ‘dangers’?

Photo: The US ReportWhile Democrat allied media have largely focused on publishing personal information about gun owners, we must prepare ourselves for other possibilities if public safety is truly the motive for publication of personal information.

Will we now see neighborhood maps pinpointing those who have contracted sexually transmitted diseases? How about dog owners whose pooches have injured someone? Cat owners?

And how about people who routinely speed or get tickets for driving under the influence? Do  you want a speed freak or habitual DUI offender transporting you or your child?

Yes, I know the gun owner information is legally obtainable. That doesn’t make publication a moral choice, however, for several reasons.

As many have pointed out, a detailed gun owner map discloses who doesn’t have a weapon. That information makes these publishers a home invader’s best resource. It’s only a matter of time.

We can hope that the crooks target leftist editors who presumably don’t own guns, right? A little poetic justice for the prose world, so to speak.

Would disclosing names of individuals who have potentially fatal sexually transmittable illnesses make society safer? How about those who have chlamydia, considering the long term impact and risk for the unborn as well as the sexually active adult?

The CDC reported this:

In 2011, 1,412,791 cases of chlamydia were reported to CDC from 50 states and the District of Columbia, but an estimated 2.8 million infections occur annually.

STDs pack a wallop on U.S. healthcare, with costs of treatment passed along to all of us in cost-shifting.

If a man as high profile as a U.S. president could get away with a recurring STD that he could pass along to his various lovers, it’s obvious the media obsessing over gun owners could certainly draw parallels to chlamydia and other illnesses.

Incidentally, in his book The Dark Side of Camelot,  Seymour Hersh details John F. Kennedy’s battles with recurring “venereal” disease as it was called in that time period. Hersh said Kennedy suffered recurrences of nongonorrheal urethritis. Today Hersh said what Kennedy had would be called “a chlamydial infection.” [pg. 232]

Who knew a president could be a public health hazard even before the ObamaCare Tax Bill was inflicted on us?

U.S. News and World Report just reported cases of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea have been detected in North America. Will Dem allied media jump on keeping us informed as to who has it?

As for pooches, we should also include cats I suppose. I was surprised at something my doctor told me recently as he tended to an injury my neighbor’s dog inflicted on my leg. “We see more injuries from cats,” he said.

Will Internet tabloids and Democrat newspapers publish individual information about all the public health hazards, not just gun owners?  It already feels like we live in China anyway, courtesy of Comrades Pelosi, Reid and Obama.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Jan. 9, 2012)



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