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Dr. Carson on SOTU: ‘Good delivery,’ but we need ‘egalitarianism’

Photo: Dr. Benjamin Carson from carsonscholars.orgDr. Benjamin Carson unintentionally rallied conservatives with a remarkable speech at the National Prayer Breakfast on Feb. 7, drawing media attention from both right and left. Judging from the commentary, it was obvious most pundits didn’t take in Carson’s whole speech.

Carson has a bully pulpit of sorts right now, and he guested on Fox and Friends on Wednesday to share his response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.

The renowned neurosurgeon said the president gave “a very good delivery,” but he also pointed out that the president is the “president of everyone” in the U.S. Carson noted Obama’s community organizer background comprises an attitude of “us against them—we gotta’ get ours.”

Those comments were directed at Obama and Democrats’ aggressive, redistributive tax policy, but the doctor believes a flat tax is the answer. It works like a tithe—“God’s plan,” he called it. That way, “Everybody pays a percentage…we need to go back to egalitarianism.”

Asked how the president responded to Carson’s Prayer Breakfast remarks, the doctor said he spoke with Obama afterwards and the exchange was “cordial.”

However, Carson also said there’s a philosophical difference between those who believe in government of, for and by the people, and Obama and others who believe in a principle of “of, for and by the government.”

Carson describes his political status as independent.

Leftwing pundits like Bob Beckel have harshly criticized Carson’s speech at the breakfast:

According to Beckel, Carson is looking for his “15 minutes of fame” and wants to make a million dollars somehow (he was cut off before he could explain how Carson will get $1 million dollars).

It’s likely Carson already made his first million and he’s already had far more than 15 minutes of fame. Carson has written a number of bestselling books and he has held many distinguished positions in the medical field.  In 2008 Carson was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Few of us could match Dr. Carson's skills and accomplishments.

Beckel’s controversial comments have often drawn fire—he once called publisher Julian Assange (Wikileaks) a traitor and called for “illegally” shooting the [“SOB”].

Assange is not an American citizen, but if he was, his actions would be legal because of limitations on government power over the press.

Dr. Carson and his wife founded the Carson Scholars Fund, an organization that has provided thousands of scholarships to students and a reading program benefiting many children across the nation.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day; Feb. 13, 2013)

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