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Common ground for Chicago and Christopher Dorner—who can protect you?

The Drug Enforcement Administration's Most Wanted Chicago Fugitives. (Screen snip: DEA)Many 2nd amendment die-hards believe that if Democrats had their way, every gun in the U.S. would be confiscated. That’s probably not entirely true, but we can acknowledge a sizable number of Dems would like to control guns more rigorously than the Bill of Rights permits.

Recent killings of innocents in California, allegedly at the hand of Christopher Dorner, and an announcement by the Chicago Crime Commission, indicate common ground between what’s happening in that city and what happened in California.

It’s presumed that Dorner is dead after a massive manhunt. The Chicago Crime Commission reportedly is targeting a Mexican drug kingpin who also happens to be a billionaire, designating “Joaquin Guzman Loera the new Public Enemy No. 1.” Where’s the common ground?

If you’re at home and someone like Dorner or Loera’s gang affiliates decide to invade, can police arrive in time to save you? Would a baseball bat stop a criminal wielding a gun, knife or machete? If you’re in a restaurant having dinner and a gunman opens fire, what are you going to do—throw a wine bottle at him?

It took a sizable amount of manpower in California to track Dorner down after he issued public threats against families of people he was angry towards. Dorner killed Monica Quan, an assistant basketball coach who had just been proposed to by her fiancé who worked in security, Keith Lawrence. Neither individual had ever harmed Dorner—these were revenge killings of innocents, killings designed specifically to cause unimaginable pain to others.

Dorner also ambushed Riverside police officer Michael Crain, killing the officer in cold blood. Crain is grieved by family that includes his wife, a 4 year old daughter and a 10 year old son.

Most troubling: A fan page on Facebook set up to glorify fugitive Christopher Dorner had attracted 14,583 'likes' as of Feb. 13. Dorner’s actions were praised by some and still are. As of Feb. 13, more than 14,000 “fans” had 'liked' a Facebook page set up to glorify him, a perfect example of depravity.

A CNN pundit had a panel discussion about Dorner. Three of the panelists cast him as a folk hero of sorts. One, liberal pundit Mark Lamont Hill, said Breitbart News, “said that the saga was ‘exciting,  like 'Django Unchained' in real life,’ and Dorner was similar to a ‘super hero.’”

Can we acknowledge that the CNN panel members showed a disgusting lack of respect for human life? It’s a given that if one of the panel hypocrites lost a loved one, they’d feel entirely differently. No mention was made about the character or life of each victim.

Meanwhile, over in Chicago, the Crime Commission estimated there are more than 100,000 gang members loose on the streets where it is not uncommon for innocent children to be shot. The commission said the city needs 1,400 more police officers. Do the math. You think those odds work in favor of innocents? Furthermore, how is a police state conducive to personal freedom?

A person who survived a massacre recently testified before Congress. Her parents died in the 1991 Luby’s (Killeen, Texas) massacre, with a total of 23 murdered and another 27 wounded. The shooter, just like Dorner, was angry at the world. The survivor testified in favor of the right to protect oneself—if just one person in the restaurant had a gun that day, lives might have been saved.

In these times, America is a troubled country. A combination of media glorification as demonstrated by despicable behavior like that on the CNN panel,  and the decimation of the nuclear family has produced people whose mind rationalizes the killings of innocents. Toss in the strapped mental health system in a country as diverse as ours as well as crime imported via insecure borders both physical and virtual, and you have a perfect prescription for a meltdown like Chicago is facing again.

We haven’t even touched on al Qaeda’s ‘Lone Wolf’ initiative.

Consider these things, consider the lack of respect for the innocents who died and ask yourself if you want to wait for help to arrive when an armed man targets you or your loved one.

I don’t want to wait. I want the most effective weapon I can get my hands on, and if someone does break in, I may not get him first but at least I will die knowing I tried like hell to protect myself and my loved ones. I've been in a life-threatening situation once, years ago. You have no idea what that is like unless you experience it yourself.

Democrats would do better to address the social mess they have helped make of our society with misguided programs that have resulted in government as parent. That has never worked well and it never will.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Feb. 14, 2013)

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