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West Liberty University Prof Wolfe suffers from ‘Foxaphobia’

West Liberty University doesn’t publish full bios of their educators, but it’s an idea the school might consider. (Photo: Screen snip of Prof. Stephanie Wolfe’s bio)Foxaphobia surfaced again at West Liberty University (W.Va.) where Professor Stephanie Wolfe reportedly instructed her students with the command, “DO NOT use…Fox News” for Politics Journal assignments.

The claim about the professor is based on parents’ complaints to the University and a copy of the syllabus Wolfe reportedly gave to students. The image of the syllabus excerpt is posted at Gateway Pundit.

The prof also told students not to use The Onion, a humorous site that publishes parody based on news.

It’s quite likely that professor would accept The Washington Post as a source.

A widely cited newspaper by wire services and other media, The Post recently published a wildly imaginative but false story about Gov. Sarah Palin, suggesting she planned to proselytize to Muslims by accepting a position at al Jazeera.

The Post also birthed Journolist, an email network of pundits, reporters and activists aiming to elect a Democrat president in 2008. The Post’s publisher even planned to sell access to cabinet officials in the Obama administration by holding a salon, but backed off those plans when outcries came from both Left and Right.

Wolfe is a typical example of the closing of the academic mind, and this mindset has led to mediocrity in literature, news gathering and government service. The same effect is now felt in U.S. business, courtesy of the MBA which sends graduates into the business world where most of them have never spent a single day producing a single thing. You’d think with the proliferation of all this wisdom, the U.S. would be atop the global pedestal. Not—we’ve declined in power, prestige and wealth despite some of the priciest tuition on the face of “Mother Earth.”

Nowhere was the brainwashing of U.S. academics more obvious than in the coverage of the Benghazi scandal. Many academics called for curtailing limits on free expression after a hapless filmmaker was blamed for protests at U.S. interests in various Mideast and North African countries. The filmmaker was jailed on trumped up charges to appease Islamists in a climate more than likely fueled by anger over the increase in U.S. drone strikes and claims of civilian casualties.

At no moment in my lifetime have I witnessed more shameless behavior on the part of our government, legacy media and the academic establishment—sort of a “New Klux Klan” movement determined to stamp out dissenting voices.

It’s unfortunate that an open minded individual would have to spend a minute in Ms. Wolfe’s classes, and I’d urge her disgruntled students to rate her at various sites on the Web so future students have an idea of what to expect. Most profs like Wolfe don’t question Leftist messaging, but you can find that for free at sites like Daily Kos, so why should you pay for it?

West Liberty U. doesn’t provide an in-depth bio of its faculty. It might be a good idea to do so. That way future students can learn about a professor’s creds before signing up for classes that seek to limit learning.

For the record, I think it’s important to take in news from any and all outlets. Most of us are smart enough to consider varying perspectives and make up our own minds.

The Left basically owns the messaging distributed by alphabet networks and the Left exerts enormous influence on CNN and PBS. Fox News is a threat to that lack of balance and it’s likely that’s where Wolfe’s fear arises. It’s also quite possible that Wolfe hasn’t stayed abreast of vast changes in the news distribution sector. No longer do legacy media control the messaging.

Wikileaks comes to mind—a perfect example of the power of new media whether you agree or disagree with what publisher Julian Assange made available to the public.

Wolfe’s Foxaphobia is nothing new, but it certainly warrants discussion. Thank God for new media on the Internet, yes?

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Feb. 15, 2013)

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