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Florida state senator wants mandate for anger management courses for gun buyers

If you own a gun, Florida State Sen. Audrey Gibson (D-Jacksonville) wants you to take anger management courses. (Photo: Florida Senate Website)State senator Audrey Gibson (D-Fla.) made remarks at a memorial service in Jacksonville on Saturday, and one thing she said is sure to spark debate. Gibson spoke at a service honoring a local teen.

In Jacksonville, friends and family of Jordan Russell Davis had come together to celebrate the birthday of the teen who died in November.

Davis’ death came allegedly at the hand of Michael David Dunn who was visiting Jacksonville. Dunn got into a verbal altercation with people in the car Davis was riding in. Angry words were exchanged over loud music coming from the car. Dunn’s attorney claimed he fired random shots at the car after being threatened by occupants of the car Davis was in. The claim is that Dunn didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

Dunn is reportedly claiming Stand Your Ground—he feared for his life after the young men threatened him.

Dunn is white. Davis was black.

In another more recent case, the races were reversed. Isreal Kevin Williams has been charged with murder. Williams, according to witnesses, had argued with Thomas Eugene Schadowsky at a gas station. Reports suggest the two had a confrontation resulting from road rage. Williams is black; Schadowsky was white.

I point out the races because, despite skewed media reportage, Stand Your Ground is used by people of all races, depending on the circumstances.

What these cases have in common is anger and to some degree, fear. We see it every day on the highway—road rage has become an issue across the nation. It’s a given that people can have trouble controlling anger, and when there’s a gun or other weapon handy, it makes it easy for things to go awry.

At least that’s the liberal message people like Gibson hope to spread.

The opposite is true, if you consider the millions of people who own guns and never kill anyone.

Gibson doesn’t see it that way.

Making remarks at what was understandably an emotional gathering, Gibson took the broad view most Democrats do when writing any kind of legislation—the more, the merrier.

The Florida-Times Union (Feb. 17, print edition) said:

Among the speakers was state Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, who said she is working on a bill to regulate the sale of ammunition and to require anger management courses for gun buyers. ‘People are just not as patient as they used to be,’ she told the crowd.

Meanwhile in Washington, a self-declared liberal columnist is upset with Democrats’ gun control efforts. In that state, one bill requires sheriffs to inspect the homes of assault weapons owners.

As Democrats stump on guns, President Barack Obama has steadfastly refused to give a clear answer on whether the government could use drones to kill U.S. citizens on American soil. That even upset many Leftists, although media have downplayed it. Sen. Rand Paul said as it now stands, there are no geographic limits on drone assassinations.

You’d think that would be a fiery topic for both major political parties. Instead, media is obsessed with gun control.

What will media say about Gibson’s anger management idea? You can easily predict what gun owners will say and it would definitely not be polite.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Feb. 19, 2013)

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